Android Presenting Best Feature For Smartphones are Custom Themes

Android Presenting Best Feature For Smartphones are Custom Themes

The Google I/O 2017 is already over, with Android O as the main protagonist of the event. The next major operating system upgrade will come loaded with new features later this year, and anyone who has a compatible device, can now enjoy some of them thanks to the program betas Android O.

And, even in the absence of knowing many of the new features that will come with this version, we can expect an important feature related to the customization of the system, which many users have been waiting for years, and that could make a presence for the first time On Android O: the native custom theme engine.

And is that, just a few days ago we informed you about the tests that confirmed this feature, and today we want to explain why it is one of the most important novelties that Android could release in all its history.

The engine of custom themes, the great news that could change Android completely

So far, Mod’s or platforms like Substratum, or Cyanogen Theme Engine at the time, were the only options that Android users could use when it comes to customizing the system completely. Unfortunately, in some cases its operation left a lot to be desired, and we found some other operating error or mismatch in the design.

Android Presenting Best Feature For Smartphones are Custom Themes

In the image on these lines, extracted from a video of the companions of Droid Life, you can see how, in the system settings, a new option has been added to the screen configuration section. From this option, it would be possible to completely change the system interface through the different available themes.

This would not only offer users the ability to customize their devices completely, in any desired way, but would also prevent them from having to change ROMs or obtain superuser permissions to install modules, with the sole aim of obtaining A new look. This makes even more sense if we take into account the new restrictions imposed by Google, against root on Android.

But there are still more. If this feature were to be implemented and standardized, manufacturers would be able to abandon the customization layers and offer them as an added predefined theme that users could keep active, or change it to any other. We do not say that this is going to happen, “he said,” but it’s a possibility.

Android Presenting Best Feature For Smartphones are Custom Themes

Thus, these manufacturers would not need to develop a specific customization layer for each terminal , but the themes would be executable on any device thanks to the native Android manager. This, coupled with the arrival of Project Treble, would streamline the process of updating the terminals in a remarkable way.

Although these wishes may seem feasible if the personalized themes come to Android, we must remember that, for the moment, this is a feature that has not even been confirmed, and is currently undergoing testing. Be that as it may, there is no doubt that the arrival of a theme engine to Google’s operating system could change many more things, in addition to the interface of each device.


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