Adobe Scan Latest Application For Scanning Documents For Android

Adobe Scan Latest Application For Scanning Documents For Android

Adobe Scan is the latest application that has Adobe Adobe for Android, and as its name suggests, it is an application to scan documents.

Smartphones have become an indispensable tool for those working with many documents. Whether you are a student, or have an office job, the camera on your phone can serve to pass all those papers to digital format. It ended up carrying that mountain of folios and notes.

But to get this, we need an application that scans all those papers. That is to organize in digital all those papers, and that even recognizes the text so that we can copy and paste it. Adobe seems to want to get on this train too, and they’ve got an app that does all that.

You can now scan documents inside Adobe

The first thing that will be asked by Adobe Scan when opening the application is that we register with an Adobe account. Once we do, and we give permission to use the camera, it is as simple as putting the document in front of the camera. A blue square will show us if it recognizes the document and will capture automatically, although we can capture ourselves at any time.

Once we have our document, we can begin to edit it . We can place the sheets in the order we want, trim the image to adjust the edges, rotate the document, select what color setting we have, or delete the document. Once we have made the adjustments we want, we can save the file as a PDF

Adobe Scan Latest Application For Scanning Documents For Android

But Adobe Scan does not just end here. When we have our PDF, the application will recognize all the text you can from the PDF to make it editable. We can share this PDF as it is. Or we can open it in Adobe Acrobat if we have it installed, and then edit it even more.

Of course, all of this comes integrated with the Adobe ‘Document Cloud’ if we are subscribed. PDF scans are automatically uploaded and available on all devices with our Adobe account. It also drops much of the integration into Acrobat.

Adobe Scan is available for free on Google Play. We only need an Adobe account to log in, you do not need a valid subscription. Of course, we will need subscription to edit the document in Acrobat or use the document cloud.

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