7 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android Mobiles

7 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android Mobiles - ebuddynews

Although all phones come with installed wallpapers by default, there are many people who prefer to give a more unique touch by changing it to one that suits your tastes. This is especially interesting in Android since it also allows changing the icons and a matching wallpaper can improve the aesthetics of the device. The theory is very good, but the truth is that there are so many wallpaper apps for Android phones and options that sometimes overwhelm.

Luckily, there are a number of “repository applications” with a good base of well-organized images by themes in which it is difficult not to find something of your liking. To make your task easier, we have selected some of them for both Android and iOS.


7 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android Mobiles - ebuddynews

It is possibly one of the best-known wallpaper apps for Android in terms of customization. Zedge, which is available in both operating systems, has a host of wallpapers of different themes organized by categories such as “animals”, “designs”, “games” or “nature”. Simply choose the one you prefer and browse through them until you find one that you like. When you do, press the button with the arrow and it will automatically download to your smartphone. It has no loss.


7 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android Mobiles - ebuddynews

One of the main benefits of Walpy is that it allows you to configure the application so that the wallpapers change alone depending on the time of day or the state of the mobile (loading, inactive, etc.). They are adding funds every day and has a section of trends where the most popular are shown, although you can access different categories to make the search more accurate. It is only available on Android.


7 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android Mobiles - ebuddynews

Another application that is only available for Android is Retrowave. Its name is due to the fact that it only has eighties aesthetic backgrounds, highlighting the neon lights and the orange and purple tones. It may be a more niche app but its content is the least interesting. If you like the aesthetics of movies like KungFury, this is your app.


If before we talked about an exclusive app for Android, now it’s time to give some love to iOS. Vellum is possibly one of the best wallpaper apps you can use on an iPhone. It has a host of categories of different types (focused on OLED screens, landscapes, aerial photos …) and, every day, choose a prominent background that they put at the top of the home screen. Highly recommended App for Android Phone.


7 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android Mobiles - ebuddynews

Another of the featured apps, this time exclusively for Android, is Darkops. It is centered on dark wallpapers with light touches of color for OLED screens and has a good base of images. It is interesting for, for example, devices with a notch, since you can hide the notch using a simple image.


For many, Unsplash is one of the best banks of images that can be used, and it’s no wonder. The amount of photos inside is huge and the vast majority are of exceptional quality, so it is interesting to keep an eye on finding a wallpaper. You can do it both on the web and in the official app for iOS. In Android, there is no official app as such, but some clients like Splashify App.


7 Best Wallpaper Apps For Android Mobiles - ebuddynews

We finished this compilation with Papers, one of the wallpaper apps for android, launched recently but, frankly, works really well. It has the images divided into categories and allows you to consult its resolution, format, and author. In addition, you can either download the photo or set it as wallpaper from the application.

All the applications of this article are completely free but are financed with ads, so it is normal that, from time to time, a banner appears at the bottom or top.

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