6 Best Smartphones Is Available For Less Than $615 Dollars

6 best smartphones is available for less than $615 dollars

Choosing a mobile is not always as easy as it sounds. There are more and more smartphones on the market and the differences are increasingly difficult to see. Do you have 615 dollars for your new mobile and do not know which to choose? We tell you what is your best option and other alternatives.

The best: Samsung Galaxy S7 / Edge

6 best smartphones is available for less than $615 dollars

He was the king of the high range during the last year, and reasons are not lacking. If the Galaxy S6 was already an excellent mobile, in S7 the South Korean company has improved the mistakes they made. Even with the S8 in the market, it is still the best phones that can be purchased.

The best screen in this price range, the best camera (only surpassed by the recently launched Galaxy S8), specifications of first level and one of the few mobile of this price  with water resistance . The price you find is the best option.

The best:  It is outstanding in practically everything.

The worst: It has no weak points.

The best alternative: HTC 10

6 best smartphones is available for less than $615 dollars

HTC is a company that is getting worse every year. Nevertheless, and although it went unnoticed, the HTC 10 was one of the best high ranges of 2016 . Their initial problem was that it was quite expensive, but at the price it is difficult not to recommend it.

If you listen to lots of music and value performance and build quality, it is surely the best phone you can get.

The best:  Audio, design and materials, camera.

The worst:  It has no water resistance.

I want a Chinese mobile: Xiaomi Mi 6

6 best smartphones is available for less than $615 dollars

You’ve probably been told about Chinese mobiles. The main problem of this is that the mobile may take a month to arrive , and the guarantee of these websites is not usually as good as the Spanish stores. This mobile is not currently in Aliexpress Plaza, so we would have to consider buying it from another website.

The last hit on the table of Xiaomi, successor of Mi5 and Mi5S. One of the few mobile devices with Snapdragon 835 processor, currently only found on some Galaxy S8 and S8 + models. It also includes an Apple-style double camera (second lens with optical zoom and portrait mode) that for many, is the best.

The best:  Power, battery.

The worst:  Shipping and guarantees.

Other motives to consider

Has not one of our best alternatives convinced you? Looking for a mobile with more screen and that has a guarantee? Are you sick of the usual designs? We recommend these other phones.

Run, it’s over: OnePlus 3T

6 best smartphones is available for less than $615 dollars

The OnePlus 3T is currently OnePlus best phone, and if you do not convince the Samsung Galaxy S7, your best alternative. A very complete phone in specifications and performance . For 492 dollars we have 64GB of storage and 537$, 128GB.

A mobile highly recommended, although it seems that is not far ahead. The company will present its successor next June, and have already announced that they are selling the latest units of this popular mobile. At the moment I write these lines are no longer 128GB units, and surely in the next few days can not buy.

The best:  Performance, updates, price.

The worst: The camera is a step behind its rivals. Your next generation is coming out.

I want a modular mobile: Moto Z

6 best smartphones is available for less than $615 dollars

A strange cell where they are. We have mentioned on some occasion that the modular mobiles have not ended up convincing, especially LG’s bet. However, in the resistance we find Motorola , which continues to bet on modularity, solved in a very intelligent way.

And do not disappoint. The Moto Z is a very slim mobile with high-end features of 2016 and a very easy and practical module system . By means of pins and magnets.

The best:  Modules, performance, software.

The worst:  Battery loose, no output jack for headphones.

A big mobile with a lot of battery? Honor 8 Pro

6 best smartphones is available for less than $615 dollars

A mobile that has left this month to the market. The largest (and expensive) Honor cell phone to date is also one of the best phones you can buy in its price range.

It is a very large mobile, which stands out for its generous display and excellent battery , in addition to coming with a power according to its range. Also, the blue model is gorgeous.

The best:  Screen, battery.

Worst: Worse camera than the rest of alternatives.

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