3 Best Applications For Using the Mi Band

3 Best Applications For Using the Mi Band

Since I have the Mi Band 2 in my hand (never better), I have not stopped trying applications on my smartphone. I could say more than 5 or 6, which is not turkey mucus for something as simple as a quantifier bracelet.

That is why after a time of searching for the best application for the Mi Band (2 in my case), we can tell you with total certainty which are the best applications for the Mi Band, either the 1, 1S or the current 2. Needless to say, these applications are not compatible with other bracelets like the Acer Liquid Leap + or the Samsung Charm.

The best applications for the Mi Band depending on your use

Before numbering the advantages offered by the three applications that in our opinion are the best in the Play Store, it is necessary to emphasize that each of these are oriented to a specific audience, so they can offer options and possibilities that are not your interest.

Tools & Mi Band

3 Best Applications For Using the Mi Band

Possibly the best application for the Mi Band. It offers multiple options aimed at quantifying the pulse shape constant or steps in a certain range of time, unlike the official app. In addition, it includes a section of notifications that allows us to add any application, modify the icon of the same and even prioritize notifications of certain contacts. Despite being paid ( 334 $), it is highly recommended for those users who want to express 100% their Mi Band.

Notify & Fitness for My Band

3 Best Applications For Using the Mi Band

If you are a most active user as far as the sport is concerned, this is your best option. With very detailed graphics and statistics, you can see your physical activity information in a very visual way. It also allows you to hang up calls and move from song to music applications like Spotify, so you do not have to turn to the phone in the middle of some exercise. It is free but you will need to purchase the Pro version if you want to enjoy most of its functions.

My fit

3 Best Applications For Using the Mi Band

As it could not miss: the official application of the Mi Band. While it is true that it is not the most complete or the most intuitive to use, it is the only one that can make the other applications named here work, at least in my case. Even so, it is enough for the average of users who do not require special functions for their Mi Band.

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