Reason For Tesla Model Y And Model 3 Price Cut

Reason For Tesla Model Y And Model 3 Price Cut - ebuddynews

2022 was a peculiar year for Tesla. On the one hand, his actions experienced a drop never seen in his history; on the other, the company recorded its career’s best production and sales results.

Tesla was the best-selling electric car brand of the year. The Tesla Model 3 was the most registered emission-free model. The Model Y had a very good end of the course, becoming the most popular electric car in the fourth quarter.

However, the American company is experiencing a notable drop in vehicle demand. Many manufacturers already have zero-emission models in their ranges, when before, Elon Musk’s company had hardly any competition in the market.

Therefore, to increase interest and sales, Tesla has announced the price cut for its two access models, the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y.

Its cheapest versions were already within the conditions to benefit from the Moves Plan, 48,161 USD before VAT, that is, 58,275 USD. With this price drop, the Long Range variants can also be accommodated, which are more powerful, have a dual motor configuration, and have a much greater range.

Tesla Model Y Price Cut Along With Model 3

The standard Tesla Model 3 is available for 49,445 USD (VAT included) and the Model 3 Great Autonomy for 56,081 USD, while in the case of the Model Y, the amount of rates to 51,586 and 57,151 USD, respectively. This is a drop of 10% or more, depending on the variant.

However, as these models are eligible for official aid, these figures can be cut by an additional 7,491 USD (if an old vehicle is scrapped). Thus, the complete price reduction can be very significant compared to what had to be paid for them.

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