Psaki Said Putin Deterrent Force Is Pattern Of Manufactured Threats

Psaki Said Putin Deterrent Force Is Pattern Of Manufactured Threats - ebuddynews

Psaki told George Stephanopoulos on a media program that this is a pattern that they have seen from President Putin throughout this conflict. Putin is a pattern of manufactured threats that don’t exist to justify the further charge. The international community and the American people had to look at it through that prism.

Additionally, a senior administration official told to media on Sunday that Putin’s move was another chilling and unnecessary step.

The official said that Putin had a pattern of manufactured threats to justify more aggressive actions. Ukraine or NATO never threatened him, a defensive alliance that would not fight in Ukraine.

They added that the only reason your forces face a threat today is that they invaded a sovereign, nuclear-free country. It is another chilling and unnecessary step.

The move of Putin comes in the face of universal condemnation from Western powers for Moscow’s unprovoked attack on Ukraine, now on its fourth day.

In a televised statement in a meeting with senior Russian defense officials, Putin said that Senior officials of leading NATO countries have indulged in aggressive remarks about our country. Therefore he orders the defense minister and the chief of the General Staff to put the Russian Army Deterrence Force on combat alert.

Putin also said that Western sanctions assessed on Russia were illegal.

US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield described Putin’s actions as an unnecessary escalation on Sunday. He told in a media news channel that he continues to escalate this war unacceptably.

He told to media that they have to continue to condemn their actions in the strongest possible way. He added that Putin had tried every possible means to strike fear into the world regarding his action. That means we have to increase our efforts at the United Nations and elsewhere to hold him accountable.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s ambassador to the US, Oksana Markarova, called Putin’s move yet another example of Russia’s terrorist behavior, telling Dana Bash’s program on Sunday. That Russian forces attacked our country, and also they are scaring the whole world.

And NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg called Putin’s accusations against NATO dangerous rhetoric, adding irresponsible behavior.

Bash said previously in the same program that President Putin’s new statements have just added to the very aggressive rhetoric. They threaten not only Ukraine but also threatening NATO-allied countries. We have seen it from Russia for many months, especially in recent weeks.

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