Prince William Criticizes The Space Tourism Race And Says About Focus On Saving The Earth

Prince William Criticizes The Space Tourism Race And Says About Focus On Saving The Earth - ebuddynews

Two weeks before COP 26, duke of Cambridge Cambridge Prince William asked entrepreneurs and billionaires to focus on protecting the environment and the planet instead of worrying about looking for other places to live and also he criticizes the space tourism race.

Prince William, number two in succession to the British throne, criticizes space tourism race on Thursday and called for focusing on the real problems of the planet ahead of the tremendous At Glasgow, Scotland, to be held this COP26 climate conference.

In an interview with the news channel on Sunday, William, 39, said that some of the brightest minds and brains in the world should first try to fix this planet. But not try to find the next place to live. Earthshot award created by William is to promote solutions to the climate crisis.

William Upsets Over Space Tourism

These criticisms came hours after “Star Strek” actor William Shatner made a few-minute trip to space aboard a Blue Origin rocket on Wednesday. At the age of 90 years, William Shatner will become the oldest person to reach the last boundary.

To create itself as a leading player in the coveted space tourism sector who aims for this founder of Amazon, billionaire Jeff Bezos’s second passenger flight of the rocket of the American. The British billionaire Richard Branson and the American businessperson Elon Musk also compete. However, Prince William is want criticizes about space tourism race and asking to billionaires to focus on saving our earth.

Words For His Father, Carlos

Before the COP, which will begin on October 31, the prince also praised his father, Carlos, for being “far ahead” on climate change and called for strong measures in Glasgow.

William Said that the 72-year-old Prince of Wales has shown that he is far ahead, far beyond his time, by warning of some of these dangers.

He added that it shouldn’t be necessary for a third generation to come along and increase the pressure even more. In there, William stressed that it would be an absolute disaster if his son Jorge were still sitting here talking to you. Where 30 years from now, still saying the same thing because it will be too late by then.

Smart Words, But Insufficient Action

And he warned world leaders against their smart words, but insufficient action.

He said he wants things that he can enjoy, like the outdoors, nature, the environment. However, he also wants his children to enjoy this, not only his children but for everyone’s children.

He concluded that we will rob our children’s future with what we are doing now if we are not careful.

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