Operator Says, Chernobyl Plant Disconnected Totally From Power Grid

Operator Says, Chernobyl Plant Disconnected Totally From Power Grid - ebuddynews

The operator said from its Facebook page that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant had been the source of the most terrible ‘Civil Nuclear Disaster’ in 1986. Chernobyl plant has been disconnected totally from the power grid due to the military actions of the Russian occupiers. The place no longer has an electricity supply.

The operator said there was no possibility of re-establishing the lines as the offensive was ongoing. The Chernobyl plant, whose location is in an exclusion zone, consists of ‘Decommissioned Reactors’ and ‘Radioactive Waste’ facilities.

‘The Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency’ (IAEA) belongs to the UN. The ‘IAEA’ did not counter instantly. Before a few hours, he indicated that the remote data transmission from the safeguard monitoring systems installed in Chernobyl had stopped.

More Than 200 Technicians And Guards Trapped Due To Chernobyl Plant Disconnected

‘The IAEA’ uses the term ‘safeguards’ to refer to technological actions. It applies to nuclear material and activities to check the growth of nuclear weapons. Russian surveillance blocked more than 200 technicians and guards and worked for 13 days straight under them.

The IAEA asked Russia to accept staff rotation because rest and regular work schedules are important to site safety.

Rafael Grossi, the director-general of the UN nuclear body, said that he is very concerned about the stressful and difficult situation of the staff there. Also, he is worried about the staff at the Chernobyl nuclear plant and the potential risk to nuclear safety.

Grossi repeated his offer ‘to travel to the site’ to make sure the promise to the safety of the nuclear plants for all parties involved.

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