Novak Djokovic Invests 80% In Danish Biotech Company Which Develops Treatment To Covid-19

Novak Djokovic Invests 80% In Danish Biotech Company Which Develops Treatment To Covid-19 - ebuddynews

According to Ivan Loncarevic, the firm’s executive director, Novak Djokovic is the majority invests in the Danish biotech company QuantBioRes, seeking a parallel treatment to coronavirus vaccines.

The company’s project against the virus is a designed treatment that could block the infection mechanism between the Corona Virus and human cells. Loncarevic stressed that. It indicated that the company had planned to start clinical trials in the United Kingdom in the summer. 

For the moment, neither Djokovic nor his spokesmen have referred to the invests of Danish biotech company.

He got it in June 2020, when the athlete announced that he got the infection with Covid-19 after organizing the Adria Tour. This controversial exhibition tournament did not fully respect the sanitary measures in one of the worst moments of the pandemic.

The controversy over Djokovic’s arrest upon arrival in Australia and the following legal clash of the tennis player against the Australian authorities. The news of the acquisition also came to light in that context. They canceled his visa for not having a vaccine against Covid-19 upon entry into the country.

What Happened In Australia To Djokovic?

Not being vaccinated, Novak Djokovic received from the authorities of Victoria a medical exception to enter the country for had overcome Covid-19 in December. He also got an exception to play the Australian Open, which began on 17th January in Melbourne. That was one of the most famous competitions on the professional tennis track.

However, the border authorities held Djokovic dependent on the Central Government in Australian territory. Their mandate prohibits any foreign citizen from entering the country without being vaccinated. And the regulations do not contemplate recent contagion as a reason for exemption.

He was in quarantine in a hotel the athlete called dishonorably.

After the appeal of Djokovic’s lawyer, the Australian Justice decided that the Serb was unfit to remain within its borders. Therefore, they canceled his visa and made him deported.

ATP was the governing organization of professional tennis. The Association of Professional Tennis Players, in a statement, regretted the court decision against Djokovic.

The deportation from Australia of tennis number one prevented him from a golden opportunity. 

It led him to have competed for the tournament’s victory, and if he had won it, Djokovic would have won his 21st Grand Slam. That was how he became the first tennis player to achieve as many consecutive victories as possible. That would place him above two historical ones like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

The experience becomes the best ally of athletes, but time plays the reverse game. In his 30s, he had dwindled chances of winning a top-level tournament. Therefore, the 34-year-old Djokovic suffers a major ‘slow down’ at the height of his career. Further, France, the host of the Roland Garros tournament, will not allow his participation unless he gets vaccinated.

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