Nordstrom Store Massive Robbery By More Than 80 People At Walnut Creek

Nordstrom Store Massive Robbery By More Than 80 People At Walnut Creek - ebuddynews

Nordstrom department store located at Walnut Creek, in northern California, very close to San Francisco, got massive robbery by More than 80 people, all together and in looting mode.

The robbery, which was captured on camera by several passersby who passed by, lasted only a couple of minutes. A dozen cars waited outside the store for the thieves to get into the vehicles quickly and escape before the police arrived.

With so many thieves, the great quantity of merchandise that they took is countless. Nordstrom headquarters said it would take them several days to go through inventory to find out how much people had stolen from them. Still, surely there is talk of hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise.

Nordstrom is one of America’s best-known and most stylish department store chains. From clothing, shoes, jewelry, and household items can find everything in these stores.

The robbers wore ski masks covering their faces, and also they had arms like sticks or crowbars.

The Walnut Creek Police Department said in a statement released to the press that Nordstrom employees began calling 911 as about 80 people entered the store and began stealing the merchandise. Beat at least two employees and attack a third with pepper spray.

In addition to reports of the robbery itself, police in the quiet town of Walnut Creek also received dozens of calls about vehicles speeding minutes after the robbery. At the moment, police had arrested only three people on charges of robbery and possession of weapons. Police are still reviewing the security camera footage to identify the rest of the thieves or attempt to identify them.

The Walnut Creek authorities assured that, as is evident, it was an organized robbery, which a mafia organization planned. The crime statistics in this northern California city are not good, and Shoplifting cases will increase 10% in 2021.

But this has not been the only such incident in California. Just 24 hours before the massive robbery on the Nordstrom store at walnut creek, reported a series of group robberies at luxury brands in the Union Square area of ​​San Francisco.

People robbed Burberry, Bloomingdales, Hermes, and Fendi in San Francisco. But the image that has been around the world is that of the Louis Vuitton store. With the broken glass, you can see the empty shelves—thousands of dollars in purses and accessories stolen in just seconds.

In recent months, in Northern California, many robberies have been reported in businesses, especially in pharmacies. The attorney general of that area, very progressive, had decided not to prosecute these people because he considered that the crime was minor. Now, seeing an escalation in robberies, with groups of more than 80 people. There is so much pressure on this prosecutor to change his ideas.

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