New Google Drive Setup Policy Can Delete Your Files If It Detects Inappropriate Content

New Google Drive Setup Policy Can Delete Your Files If It Detects Inappropriate Content - ebuddynews

From now on, Google Drive will moderate the content, and illegal content will delete, but also files that the platform deems inappropriate.

This decision joins the DSA (Digital Services Law) provisions that are currently pending in the European Parliament. Google says they may review the content to determine if it is illegal or violates their Program Policies. They may remove it or refuse to publish it if we have sufficient reason to believe it violates their policies or the law.

According to the European Commission, large companies and platforms control the content published and disseminated there. It moderates what is published and assumes responsibility so that the technical environment is the best possible.

How Will Google Drive Delete Inappropriate Content?

First, you should understand that among the content that Google has classified as improper. You can find malware, sexual content, files that endanger children, among others.

To identify this content, Google will conduct a content review. It will preferably scan the files to identify the malicious ones.

It will then notify you of the possible violation of the conditions. Experts will carry out the content analysis.

If so, the content will be considered inappropriate. And will access to the selected content will be restricted. Next, delete the information, and access to the platform will be prohibited.

Initially, the goal is to prevent the spread of malicious content that some users may have previously stored on Google Drive, but the platform will also remove them. It will notify the user by email to inform him of what happened and the actions.

The user may find that his access to the file is blocked. Still, also, he will have the possibility to give explanations to Google and clarify the situation to restore this file. People can follow this process in the Google Drive account, and to do so, you must follow some steps:

  • Please select the file in question and open it.
  • Then, please click on the Share button and need to select the Request a review option.
  • Finally, have to wait for Google to make a decision.

The account will likely be locked. Users will have to search for new cloud storage, especially sexually explicit images.

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