NASA’s Parker Probe Touches The Corona Of Sun For The First Time

NASA's Parker Probe Touches The Corona Of Sun For The First Time - ebuddynews

NASA announced that their Parker probe touches the Sun. The Parker solar probe crossed across the corona during its eighth approach to the Sun during April. The scientists said to receive the data; it took a few months and several more months to confirm it.

Project scientist Nour Raouafi of Johns Hopkins University said that it is fascinating and exciting.

In 2018 the Parker probe launched at 13 million kilometers from the center of the Sun. According to the scientists in this project, the Parker probe entered and exited the corona of the sun three times, every time with a smooth transition touches. First, it passed the irregular boundary between the solar atmosphere and the outgoing solar wind.

Justin Kasper from the University of Michigan told reporters that we were down for about five hours the first and most dramatic time. Some of our people might think five hours is not a big deal.

Raouafi says that The crown was dustier than expected. However, he noted that Parker’s movement was so fast during that time. It covered a great distance, moving at more than 100 kilometers per second.

Raouafi also added future trips to the corona would help to scientists for better understand the origin of the solar wind. And also, they can learn how it is heating up and accelerating into space.

Since the Sun lacks a stable surface, the corona is where the activity is. Analyzing this magnetically intense area up close can help scientists better to understand solar flares. That can intrude with life on Earth.

Initial data suggests that Parker also dropped into the corona during its ninth approach in August. But scientists said they need more analysis. He made his tenth approach last month.

Parker probe focuses on closing the Sun and plunging into the corona until its final orbit in 2025.

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