Japan Imposes Sanctions On Russia Due To Its Actions In Eastern Ukraine

Japan Imposes Sanctions On Russia Due To Its Actions In Eastern Ukraine - ebuddynews

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced that the government of Japan imposes sanctions on Russia for its actions in Ukraine. It includes a ban on Russian bond issuance in Japan and a freeze on the assets of certain Russian individuals.

Before the media, Kishida again condemned Russia’s violation of international law and announced that visas would get suspended. In eastern Ukraine, it will freeze funds from those two Ukrainian separatist territories of Donetsk and Lugansk. It will submit to a trade embargo and block new Russian sovereign debt issues on Japanese markets.

The measures also include the suspension of visas, freezing people’s assets, and import and export prohibition.

Kishida said Japan imposes sanctions on Russia are in line with those approved by the US and the European Union (EU). They will enter into force when possible once they have finalized their details.

The president, who also called on Russia to return to diplomatic discussions, said he did not see a significant impact on energy supply in the short term from the current situation. And he said he would consider additional measures if the situation worsens.

The actions taken by Japan are further to those of the United States. That also sanctioned Russia for its attack on Ukrainian territory.

Biden considered that Vladimir Putin began his invasion of Ukraine and declared a ‘total blockade’ of large Russian financial institutions. The Democratic president also noted as the recognition of Ukrainian territories as republics is a provocation on the part of Moscow.

Biden noted that those who do Putin think he is giving him the right to declare new ‘countries’ on territory that belonged to his neighbors?

Biden warned that Putin is laying the groundwork for further progress on Ukraine, clarifying that the United States will protect every inch of NATO member countries.

The US president said they would be much more severe than the previous ones regarding the sanctions. And he detailed that he would cut off any source of financing from Russia to the West and attack Russian elites.

The sanctions, among others, target Russian banks and sovereign debt.

The president warned that if Russia goes further with this invasion, we must prepare to proceed with the sanctions.

US officials said that Biden also announced a troop relocation in Europe that includes sending 800-foot soldiers to the Baltic region and up to eight F-35 fighter jets to various locations on NATO’s eastern flank.

The official, who spoke on condition of obscurity, added that the United States would send 32 AH-64 Apache attack helicopters to the Baltic region – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania – and to Poland from elsewhere in Europe.

The senior defense official said this additional personnel repositions to reassure our NATO allies. They deter any potential aggression against NATO member states and train with host nation forces. He added that none of the new forces came from the United States.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin ordered troops into two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine that Russia now recognizes as independent states.

In a televised speech, he said it was necessary to make this decision. That had matured for a long time to immediately recognize the independence of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic. He asked the Russian Parliament to approve this decision and then confirm the agreements of friendship and mutual support with the two republics.

The announcement of Putin comes after a presidential Security Council meeting. It paves the way for Russia to openly send troops and weapons to the long-running conflict pitting Ukrainian forces against Moscow-backed rebels, albeit unofficially. A 2015 peace deal ended large-scale fighting, although violence has spiked amid the broader crisis in recent weeks.

In this sense, Putin criticized that the Ukrainian authorities do not recognize any other way out in Donetsk than the military one and demanded that the Government of Ukraine stop the aggression in the region. The president said all responsibility would fall on the Kyiv authorities.

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