Israel Tests Successfully New Laser Missile Defense System, Benny Gantz Says

Israel Tests Successfully New Laser Missile Defense System, Benny Gantz Says - ebuddynews

Defense Minister Mr.Benny Gantz says Israel successfully tests its new laser missile defense system. They tested along with intercepted mortars, rockets, and anti-tank missiles.

Benny Gantz added that the Israeli-made laser system, designed to complement some air defense systems such as the expensive Iron Dome deployed by Israel, would be operational as soon as possible,

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett tweets that Israel successfully tests the new Iron Beam laser interception system and their new laser missile defense system. Iron Beam laser is the world’s first energy-based weapon system that uses a laser to shoot down incoming UAVs, rockets, and mortars for @$.50 a shot. It may look like science fiction, but it is real.

He said the goal is to deploy the laser systems around Israel’s borders over the next decade. They conducted the tests last month in the Negev desert.

Bennett declared in February that Israel would begin using that system within a year. He sent the message to the nation’s archenemy, Iran.

The ballistic missile threat of Iran got to continue to expand. Recently, General Kenneth McKenzie, the Head of the US Armed Forces Central Command, said Iran was the greatest threat to regional security and stability. It is so because Tehran provides arms, support, and direction to its allies in the region. It carries out acts of terrorism and undermines local governments. Everything is in the interests of Iranian only.

Gantz said that the ‘laser system’ would be a part of an efficient, economic, and innovative protection umbrella.

Israel has already developed or deployed some systems to intercept various objects. That is, to preclude the entities from ‘long-range missiles’ to rockets launched from a few kilometers (miles) away. Further, it has also equipped its tanks with a missile defense system.

They know little about the effectiveness of the laser system. However, people expect to deploy it on land, air, and sea.

The announcement came into being near the anniversary of the 11-day war between Israel and the Gaza Strip, from which the ruling Hamas extremist group fired more than 4,000 rockets into Israel.

Israel said its Iron Dome defense system had been a great success, with a 90% intercept rate against rocket fire. Still, officials say it is expensive to implement, and the new laser defense will be much more expensive and profitable.

The Defense Ministry released a short video. The video displayed a laser beam shooting out of a ground station, hitting targets and breaking them into small pieces. The video showed successful interceptions of rockets, mortars, and an uncrewed aerial vehicle.

The announcement came as talks on restoring the ‘nuclear deal of Iron’ have come to stall. Israel opposed the said ‘deal.’ It said that it had not made the required effort to curb the nuclear program of Iron or its military activities in the region. Israeli officials have said they would unilaterally do whatever is necessary to protect the country.

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