Investing in Tesla Stocks (TSLA) – How To Buy Tesla Shares?

Investing in Tesla Stocks (TSLA) – How To Buy Tesla Shares - ebuddynews

This guide is your choice of information you need to decide whether to investing some of your money in Tesla stocks. Go through to learn everything you need to consider the best brokers to use when buying stocks. While moving forward to invest your hard-earned money, think twice before metalizing your options.

Would you please examine the feasibility to ensure the lucrative returns on the investment in the stocks of your preference? Choice of information makes you wise enough before shelling down your savings for better financial growth. It would make you go for attractive layers to choose the services of the best Brokers for Tesla stocks.

Where To Investing In Tesla Stocks Quickly?

You can follow the below companies for Tesla stock now. We have compared the best platforms against each other to help you make the right choice. Here are some of the best platforms for buying Tesla stocks.

  • Saxo Trading & Investment
  • Trading 212
  • CapitalRush Investments

How To Buy Shares In Tesla, A Step-By-Step Guide?

The process of buying shares in Tesla is not enormously complicated, and therefore no need to worry even though you are new to investing in Tesla stocks. These are the steps to follow to complete your investment:

Choose A Broker

To investing in Tesla stocks, you need a brokerage platform in the online facility. Many different options are available to choose from, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Create An Account

If you have selected your broker, visit their website for the creation of your account. The steps required for this are not similar will vary from platform to platform. Still, you can generally expect to have to provide your name, email address, phone number, and some form of photo identification.

Deposit Funds

You may log in to your broker account to select the option to deposit funds. You have various payment options available basing on your broker. You should note that most brokers accept bank transfers and debit card payments. Of course, not all brokers accept e-wallets payments li Select your preferred payment method and deposit the money for investment as per your wish.

Place An Order For TSLA Shares

Now navigate the broker’s trading page (you can find a link to this in the website menu). Here you can look up the Tesla ticker symbol (TSLA) and see the current price at trading. If the price is satisfactory, enter the number of shares you want to buy and place your order.

Execute Your Order

Congratulations, you just bought Tesla stock! In case you have placed your order, your broker will automatically execute it for you. Your Tesla shares will post to your account.

What Is Tesla? And Should You Invest?

Tesla is possibly the most famous electric car maker in the world. Originally under the name Tesla Motors in 2003, started by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, since 2008, Tesla is running by the charismatic and controversial CEO Elon Musk. To date, the Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling electric car of all time.

The question of whether you should invest your money in Tesla shares depends on your investment goals and whether you think the company will continue to grow in the future. It would help if you also considered whether you would take a long-term investment approach or a shorter-term business strategy.

You can find the Tesla quotes page to find up-to-date charts online, income information, and other statistics to make an informed decision when investing.

How TESLA Stocks Behaved As An Investment In Recent Years?

Tesla shares traded at less than $ 10 for nearly a decade after being founded in 2003, finally breaking this barrier when the stock price rose in April 2013. After this point, the stock performed well when Tesla launched more models and began expanding its business. Generally, it fluctuates between the price of around $ 30 and $ 70, these numbers, and the following, have been adjusted lower in light of Tesla’s 5-1 stock split on August 21, 2020.

All of this changed in 2020 when Tesla’s stock price suddenly rose sharply, as in January 2020. Tesla reached a market capitalization of $ 86 billion, making it the most valuable automaker globally. US history The stock rose to $ 183.48 on February 20, 2020, before falling to $ 72.24 on March 18, when the COVID-19 pandemic sent markets plummeting.

However, unlike many companies, Tesla’s recovery from this price drop was rapid. The stock soon passed a new milestone, trading at $ 205.01 on June 10. By July, Tesla’s market capitalization had risen to $ 206 billion. It was making the company the most valuable car manufacturing company in the world ahead of Toyota. The company’s growth continued and traded at more than $ 600 in December 2020. The month also added the stocks to the S&P 500 index.

Ways To Buy Tesla Stock: Stock Trading And CFD Trading

When it comes to investing in Tesla stocks, the two options you have are stock trading and trading. These methods to choose to depend mainly on your investment schedule, as investors who think long-term tend to go for stock trading. And those seeking short-term gains pursue a more aggressive trading strategy.

Here’s a quick rundown of the two approaches and the pros and cons of each.

Stock Trading

Stock trading refers to the practice of buying and holding shares in a particular company for the long term. Investing this way, you seek to benefit from the payment of dividends or an increase in the price of shares over time.

When investing your money in this way, it is crucial to do a complete fundamental analysis of your investing company. If You want to put your money in a stock that you think will trend upward. In spite of there is some market volatility along the way, rather than being distracted by short-term peaks and valleys.


  • You can build wealth over time to achieve financial goals
  • You don’t need to be very reactive to short-term market movements
  • Some stocks will earn you income through regular dividend payments


  • It takes a long time to make a profit
  • You can not use your capital tied up in shares and cannot for other investments

CFD Trading

It might be better to trade stocks than keep them in your wallet if your goal is to make short-term profits. Stock trades like to execute using CFDs (contracts for difference), which allow investors to trade against the value of a share without having to take possession of it. When trading CFDs, investors are looking to buy and sell stocks quickly to make profits deal with short-term fluctuations in value.

One aspect of CFD trading that many investors find attractive is that they allow you to trade with leverage. That means that you can make large transactions while only contributing a fraction of the value yourself. For example, if a platform offered 1:10 leverage, it could invest $ 10 in Tesla and be able to trade $ 100 worth of stock. It can maximize profits if the market moves in your favor, but be careful. It can also lead to considerable losses.

When trading CFDs, being skilled at technical analysis and reading stock price charts is vital. Because you are trading stocks quickly and frequently, the fundamental strength of the company. Investing in is not as important as predicting how your stock price will rise and fall from minute to minute.


  • You can generate quick profits if you read the market well
  •   Trading with leverage is possible through Some platforms which allow you
  • It prevents your capital from being frozen. Hence you can think of investment options.


  • Trading with leverage is risky. and can lead to considerable losses
  • It does not necessarily generate long-term growth

Consider the best approach for you and come up with an investment strategy that works for you. If you need more information, take stock trading course and read our CFD trading guide to get up to speed.

In the case of “No Option,” among these you like, you can find various other ways to investing in Tesla stocks on this page. However, if you are ready to buy Tesla stock now, select one of the brokers in the table above and get started.

How To Choose A Broker?

 You feel it difficult to determine the best service With the wide variety of online brokers available these days. Our comparison chart and in-depth reviews can help reduce confusion, but overall, here are the things to consider when selecting a broker:

  • Range of actions available
  • Fees and commissions
  • Regulation
  • Available payment methods
  • Reputation
  • Customer service

When Will Good Time To Buy Tesla Stock?

A Good Time to buy any stock depends on your investment objectives. Suppose you are looking to trade Tesla in the short term; it is essential to perform the technical analysis. Suppose you want to buy and hold Tesla stock, you should analyze the company’s fundamentals in that case with the hope of expecting its growth in the future. Also, it would help if you read the price charts, which are more important than the stock’s current price.

Tesla has laid its foundation in the economic landscape of both the US and the world in 2020. You, therefore, need to assess whether you think this means that the company has a solid foundation. It will lead to growth, or if it has peaked and the price will likely drop.

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