Introducing First Look Of Acura MDX 2022 With The Quality And Design

Introducing First Look Of Acura MDX 2022 With The Quality And Design - ebuddynews

European luxury brands dominate the premium world. From Asia, the Japanese have placed a special emphasis on wanting to play on that same court. However, with offers that, before showing off with an emblem, seek to give you the best balance between what you get and what you pay. Acura is a brand that is recently putting all the wagyu on the grill. Their Acura MDX 2022 is a perfect example of how they maintain their essence we can see it from its first look. Still, at the same time, they are better prepared to fight against the Europeans. Learn how it gets to Mexico.

A TLX Made SUV With All The Good That Implies

A few months ago, we met the Acura TLX, a sedan that gave a huge change, more refined, better handling, a lot of technology. And a look that has the perfect balance between sophistication and daring. Today Acura has done the same thing with its MDX.

On the outside, it is not just another truck, really each of its lines, sharpened in the headlights or grill. The same shape of the mesh that reminds us of the journey at the speed of light in Star Wars and the smoothness of the lines in the sides end up having a harmony that catches the eye.

This Advance variant, the only one confirmed at the moment, has LED headlights and skulls, a panoramic roof, a perfect dose of chrome to avoid the bad taste, and 20″ wheels.

You should know that this model belongs to a whole new generation that seeks to fundamentally change as many details as you knew about this truck. This new platform has allowed it to grow in every direction, now it measures 5.5 cm more, but where it gains a lot is in the interior space and all thanks to the fact that the wheelbase grows by 7.1 cm.

Much More Refinement Of Acura MDX 2022

Much More Refinement Of Acura MDX 2022 - ebuddynews

Let’s start with the cabin, and it is that when you enter the MDX 2022, you find a great leap in the perception of quality and design. Go you feel in a recent, refined and technological product. I like the most here because even though there are various shapes, lines, and contrasts. Everything looks a bit more harmonious than on the TLX, where the use of so many reliefs felt somewhat extroverted. In terms of quality, the materials seem more than good to me. At the level of declaring their premium, you even have inserts made of wood and brushed aluminum.

The bathroom technology that Acura introduced to this model is just what you would expect these days. You have a digital instrument cluster, a HUD, power-adjustable seats, memory heating, and ventilation. In the center, there is also a 12.3″ infotainment system compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly, with navigation included, but it controls via a touchpad.

This pad is not the solution I like the most because it takes time to get used to its operation. It will always be easier to use a common knob or make the screen itself touch.

We continue with triple-zone A/C, wireless charger, ambient lighting, and Premium ELS audio system with 3D technology. That sounds wonderful and even uses sound cancellation technology.

In safety, it is gearing with all the available arsenal of the Acura Watch in the MDX 2022 mentioned in its first look. You will take an autonomous emergency brake with pedestrian recognition, blind-spot alert, traffic sign recognition, lane-keeping, reverse camera with cross-traffic alert, 360º vision. And even adaptive cruise control that, together with lane-keeping, can give you a certain level of semi-autonomous driving, in addition to the seven airbags, stability control, and ABS brakes.

In terms of space and versatility in the rear rows, we will have three seats for the second row and two for the third. Among other elements, it will carry:

  • A/C controls.
  • The possibility of browsing the bank.
  • A lot of USB ports or a home plugin case you need it.

The third row is more habitable, even with good finishes so that people can hear you from the rear. It also has the Cabin Talk, which amplifies the driver’s voice through the rear speakers. The trunk can carry up to 509 liters with all the seats in place, counting from floor to ceiling or going above 1,000 liters without folding the third row.

With A Character That Seeks To Give Good Driving Sensations For Those Who Like To Drive

At the wheel, Acura looked for an improvement in handling when changing platforms, and now it is lighter and stiffer meanwhile. Another important change is the addition of an independent double-wishbone front suspension, plus an independent setup on the rear axle. It, added to the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive all-wheel-drive system, will have the mission of giving it handling properties more similar to those of a sedan than to those of a crossover.

Good Driving Sensations For Those Who Like To Drive - ebuddynews

It should note that this system can send up to 70% of the power to the rear axle. At the same time, thanks to the vector torque system, 100% of all that power in the rear can go directly to a single wheel to keep track at all times.

The engine is a 3.5-liter V6 with 290 hp and 267 lb.-ft. Of torque, mated to a 10- speed automatic transmission. Perfectly balanced so that you always feel like you have a punch, without neglecting a smooth and discreet operation, without jerking or exaggerated noise. It is not the most powerful or the most explosive, but it is an engine with more than enough.

This time the first approach was somewhat brief, so to describe its handling in detail later, we will receive the truck to test it as usual.

A Decades-long Work That Bears Fruit

Since the days of the famous Acura Legend, the brand has sought to stand out. Despite adversities, its latest range of models shows us that you can always improve and make noise to the titans of a lifetime.

We can get to know from the first look of 2022 Acura MDX that it progressed for the better. However, its price exceeds a million pesos, $ 1,299,900 to be exact. It is still more accessible than the usual Germans, carrying as much equipment as they charge you separately. Of course, it is not perfect, and in some details, the Germans surpass it, but if it is to get the best value for your money, here is a sensible answer.

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