How To Activate The New iPhone Sprint, Get To Know If You’re A User

How To Activate The New iPhone Sprint, Get To Know If You're A User - ebuddynews

During the process of activation of your Sprint phone, problems may arise. Such problems can stop the successful completion of the procedure. If the phone is hung in the network, you can undertake steps to give it the boost it needs to complete activation. If the activation continues to fail, contact customer service Sprint for help.

How to activate a new iPhone sprint can be as easy as getting a new phone.

Below are the directions that will educate you on how to activate a new iPhone sprint on the Sprint network using the given steps.

  • Preparing to Activate
  • Activating a Replacement Phone
  • Activating a New Phone

How To Activate New iPhone Sprint: Preparing To Activate

Ensure to have an account for the iPhone. While switching over to an iPhone, having an iCloud is necessary. If you do not have a pre-account setup installed, follow to set up the pre-account set up before proceeding ahead: Create an iCloud account for the iPhone.

When to remove the old SIM card? It is essential only when you are going to use the same phone number on the new iPhone as you have been using on the old one. You may leave out the ‘step’ while using a brand-new SIM card from Verizon.

It is recommended to authenticate the old information if it is essential. While restoring the information available in the old phone onto the new phone, please follow to back up the data through cloud storage service or computer to the old phone.

Even if you do not need to use the information available in the old phone on the new phone, better to back up the phone. That is always an excellent idea.

Find the MEID of the phone or IMEI number. While using a new iPhone, you can find the required number in the packaging or manual of the phone.

Further, you may also try to find the ‘MEID’ or ‘IMEI’ number by dialing *#06#. In the case of the iPhone, you can find the required number in the ‘IMEI’ or ‘MEID’ by using the heading of the ‘About’ menu in the ‘General section of the ‘Settings app.’

If necessary, you may Turn off the iMessage. If you want to switch to android from iPhone, you will have to disable iMessage on iPhone before proceeding further:

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll down and tap Messages
  • Tap the green ‘iMessage’ switch.

How To Activate A New iPhone Sprint: Activating A Replacement Phone

You have to power off the old phone. Further, you need to ‘Press’ and hold’ the ‘Power’ button on the phone you wish to replace. Additionally, please slide right the ‘slide to power off’ switch if it is an iPhone. The following are the steps for the above.

Install the old phone’s SIM card in the new iPhone. If you wish to use the old phone’s SIM card, remove it from the old phone and insert it into the new one. You should follow to ‘Skip’ the step while using a new SIM card or when the phone comes with its own SIM card.

  • Charge the new iPhone to 100 percent. Plug the phone into its charger and leave it for up to an hour after checking its previous charge.
  • Please turn on the phone occasionally to check its charge, but do not execute further ‘setup’ steps.
  • Follow the steps as shown below:
  1. Open Activate page of Sprint. 
  2. Go to or activate in a computer web browser. 
  3. Never use a web browser on the phone for the process.
  • Click Sign in to activate. 
  • Then go to the yellow button at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter ‘Sprint username’ and ‘password.’ 
  • Type the Sprint username and password into the text boxes meant for ‘Username’ and the ‘Password.’
  • Tap ‘Submit.’ 
  • And check for the box under the ‘Password’ text box to open the Sprint Account page.
  • Scroll down and find the phone you wish to replace. 
  • Find the phone you wish to substitute in the ‘Your account’ tab, where the ‘About my devices’ section is available.

How To Activate A New iPhone Sprint: Activating A New Phone

Find the serial number of the phone. We find the phone’s serial number mostly in the packaging or manual. When bought from a Sprint dealer, we can find it on the serial number on the phone’s receipt.

Please make sure to know the MEID or IMEI number of the phone. You might have to locate the IMEI or MEID number already. In conjunction with the serial number of the phone, the number will help identify the phone to Sprint.

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