How Much Be A Super Bowl Ad Cost In 2023?

How Much Be A Super Bowl Ad Cost In 2023 - ebuddynews

It is the grand finale of the NFL playoffs, the national football league, and one of the year’s biggest sporting events. It is the most watched in the United States and one of the most seen worldwide. As has been the custom in recent years, advertisements are protagonists due to their high price since many companies are willing to advertise for the large audience they obtain in return. Do you want to know how much an ad in the Super Bowl 2023 cost?

Though Super Bowl commercials cost more, companies are still willing to pay.

Most 30-second ad spots cost around $6 million and $7 million, and Fox Sports told the media a few days ago. A few sold for more than $7 million. That doesn’t include the ads making cost in the first place; elaborate, star-studded commercials are costly. Here are the 30-second ad prices for past Super Bowls: 

  • 2022: US$ 6.5 million.
  • 2021: US$ 5.5 million.
  • 2020: US$ 5.6 million.
  • 2019: US$ 5.3 million.
  • 2018: US$ 5.2 million.
  • 2017: US$ 5 million.
  • 2016: US$ 4.5 million.
  • 2015: US$ 4.25 million.

Despite the high price tag, they already sold out in-game ads for Super Bowl LVII. Most of those were said for by the end of the summer.

The cost is high, but companies will pay top dollar to capture viewers’ attention at the year’s biggest sporting event. More than 100 million audiences are expected to tune in, creating the Super Bowl an advertising opportunity.

According to media, before 2023, ad spots for the Super Bowl in 1967 cost $37,500, about $338,000 in current dollars. The average price tag beat $1 million by the mid-90s.

So who are the companies purchasing ad time for this year’s Super Bowl? You can expect many commercials for alcohol, snacks, entertainment, cars, and technology. One big shift from last year is that cryptocurrency companies are expected to sit this out.

Despite renouncing its exclusive ad deal, beverage giant Anheuser-Busch is still an immense advertiser in 2023, with 3-minutes of national airtime. However, the floodgates have been paved for other alcohol brands. You can expect commercials for everything from Coors to cognac.

Most advertisers are maintaining lighthearted this year, using catchy songs, humor, and celebrity appearances to catch your audience’s attention. Melissa McCarthy, Adam Driver, Miles Teller, Anna Faris, Serena Williams, and even Sarah McLachlan spoofing her oft-parodied animal advocacy ad will promote everything from hotel booking to avocados.

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