Former Boxing World Champion Johnny Famechon Died At The Age Of 77 Due To An Accident

Former Boxing World Champion Johnny Famechon Died At The Age Of 77 Due To An Accident - ebuddynews

Former boxing world champion Jean-Pierre Famechon aka Johnny Famechon died at the age of 77 because of a horrific car accident where he was in a coma for ten days. He has rocked Australian boxing for more than 30 years after he bravely fought to recover from a shocking accident that left him in a coma.

After retiring in 1970, Famechon became a noted referee and kept fit by running marathons.

Famous for his silky-smooth skills with gloves on, he also showed that he was immensely tough outside the ring when he fought back after being hit by a car near Sydney’s Warwick Farm race track in 1991.

The impact put him in a coma for ten days, and when he regained consciousness, he suffered a brain injury and suffered a stroke, but he struggled to get back to leading what he described as a great life.

Former boxing world champion Johnny Famechon died; this news gutted his fellow Australian world champion, Jeff Fenech, after hearing.

Famechon’s wife Glenys said that Famechon had been at a sports function at Warwick Farm while returning to the hotel when the car hit him.

She added that he spent a month in Liverpool Hospital and then months in hospitals in Melbourne.

Famechon had two children. Glenys had met him on a blind date a year before the accident.

After the incident that changed his life, Famechon still planned to marry Glenys but said he would not exchange vows until he could walk down the aisle.

He kept her waiting for a few years, but she finally did just that, single-handedly, in 1997.

Supporters of Johnny Famechon bring down Japanese challenger Fighting Harada through the ropes by defending champion Johnny Famechon in their 1970 bout.

Famechon was born in France. He turned pro at 16 years old and quickly made a name for himself with a lightning-quick left jab.

Fellow Australian world champion Jeff Fenech was heartbroken and pays tribute to his friend after hearing the news of Famechon’s passing.

She told the radio that he never failed to send her a Christmas card, and they would laugh and joke around every time she saw him.

He had the skills, the speed, the class. Johnny Famechon was an artist.

He was such a beautiful man. Apart from his legendary boxing record, he was second to none as a human being.

After hearing about the news of Johnny Famechon, his fans and boxing lovers expressed their sorrowful tribute to him through their social networks.

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