Entire Communities Relocated From Shanghai To Anti-Covid Campaign

Entire Communities Relocated From Shanghai To Anti-Covid Campaign - ebuddynews

The media said that authorities had reported new efforts to relocated entire communities to areas of Shanghai in China. It imposed extreme measures to try to stem a new wave of Covid-19.

An official notice from local Communist Party officials that in an area north of the city details orders to move residents to quarantine facilities more than 100 miles (160 kilometers) away.

The plan is to move people from their homes in Pingwang to the neighboring Zhejiang province, where people will stay for at least one week. Young children, the aged, and people with disabilities could be excluded, according to the notice.

He said only those who had tested negative could go. Further, it was unclear why they were moving people with negative tests. Officials are under great anxiety to lower the risk of transmission and reduce the number of cases to zero.

It comes just days after authorities pulled communities from their homes and relocated much of the population to another Shanghai area.

The situation forced at least 1,000 people to leave the small town of Beicai and move to temporary accommodation so that officials could disinfect the area on the outskirts of the Pudong province, in the east of the City.

An official notice issued to residents told them to pack their belongings and leave their closet doors open. They also told them to leave the front door of their house open. Images on social media displayed people queuing with packed suitcases at night. It showed the scale of the operation.

The City’s Office of Epidemic Prevention notice also included the said order that they might not bring your pets with the people during the current evacuation. However, they would arrange for them to take care of the people.

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