Elon Musk’s Starlink Plans To Provide The Internet Through Satellite In Malaysia

Elon Musks Starlink Plans To Provide The Internet Through Satellite In Malaysia - ebuddynews

The aerospace company of Elon Musk, SpaceX, is operating Starlink. This high-speed, low-latency broadband Internet provider is now planning to expand its footprint in Malaysia. Starlink plans to increase its Internet penetration rate, especially in rural areas, to provide the Malaysia with an increase in its Internet penetration rate.

Mohamed Azmin Ali, Senior Minister of International Trade and Industry, said that the government still considered several matters on Starlink’s (policy-related) proposals to introduce Internet service using satellites.

He said that the government had scrutinized some of the proposals submitted by Starlink so far.

He added Starlink representatives would be in Malaysia next week to scrutinize these proposals. They hope this soonly finalized as they are ready to come to Malaysia, bringing these new technologies to benefit its economy.

Azmin spoke to media journalists after meeting with representatives of SpaceX and Starlink at the SpaceX headquarters.

He said there was already a Johor-based Malaysian company, a major manufacturer of essential components for the satellites built by Starlink.

He said their (SpaceX and Starlink) intention is to see if they can expand this supply chain among local companies. With this new investment, they need the support of a wider supply chain.

And Starlink internet plans to provide an opportunity for companies of Malaysia to get involved in space technology soon.

He said the presence of Starlink is important for Malaysia in facilitating its digital transformation agenda. He added that he believes that Starlink’s presence in Malaysia will strengthen Malaysia’s economic position in South-East Asia and globally.

Meanwhile, Datuk Arham Abdul Rahman, Malaysian Investment Development Authority (Mida) chief executive officer, disclosed the negotiation process with SpaceX and Starlink. However, the process is currently in the middle stages.

He said that the companies see the potential in Malaysia, and the government is currently facilitating the process to realize their proposed project in the country.

He said that they had identified several suitable sites for this investment. In June, they will be in Malaysia to finalize a suitable place for investment in Malaysia.

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