Drivers Lined Up And Wait Long To Buy Gas For Cheap

Drivers Lined Up And Wait Long To Buy Gas For Cheap - ebuddynews

Gasoline prices rose more than 13 cents in one day overnight, the biggest one-day rise since 2015.

Pumps near the Beverly Center regularly sell for $6.65 a gallon and more than $7 for premium.

Drivers in Los Angeles lined up to buy the cheapest gas they can find in Southern California, which, unsurprisingly, is offered at wholesalers.

The Club of Sam in Arcadia offered what they then consider a bargain: $4.29 for regular.

Long lines of cars had been arriving all morning.

 María Rayos, as she waited for her turn, said that it’s too high right now.

It’s still getting crowded despite the flash hike.

She says she is doing everything she can to limit her driving to save gas, including finding the cheapest one in town.

Costco was popular for its low prices in Burbank.

In Pacoima, at Costco, the lines were long, too. Historically, the store has some of the lowest prices in town.

Gasoline prices have risen 33 times in the last 30 days in Southern California, soaring more than 13 cents to a regular average of $5,152.

That’s the biggest one-day rise since 2015, according to figures from AAA and the Oil Price Information Service. The record is 25 in 27 days.

John Cockayne remembers when a gallon of gasoline cost 21 cents a gallon.

He said the high prices hurt people.

Prices are 30 cents higher than a week ago, 0.43 cents higher than a month ago, and $1.38 higher than a year ago in Los Angeles County.

The median price at Orange County topped $5 for the first time.

To combat high prices, drivers lined up to buy gas said they are limiting their driving, reducing the number of trips to stores or non-essential places. Others are riding their bikes or walking where they need to go.

Oil prices soared this week in response to Russia’s escalating war against Ukraine, putting pressure on stubbornly high inflation around the world. Benchmark US crude oil topped $110 a barrel on Wednesday, the biggest single-day jump since May 2020 and the highest price since 2014. Brent crude, the international standard, rose 7, 1% to $104.97.

Jacques Rousseau, managing director of Clearview Energy Partners, said that the United States gets 5% to 10% of its crude oil and refined products from Russia. A fairly small portion could likely replace other sources if the Russian supply reduces.

 He said that it is not a big problem for the United States globally because other countries depend on Russian oil.

The United States doesn’t import gas from Russia. Still, Europe depends on natural gas from Russia for a third of its supply.

How To Save On Fuel

The Southern California Automobile Association (AAA) recommends the following tips to save on fueling your vehicle:

  • Maintain consistent speeds as a car uses additional fuel when accelerating.  
  • Anticipate traffic conditions to avoid last-minute braking and jump-starts.
  • Search for gas prices in your community using online apps. You can also compare prices by phone, Internet, or newspaper ads.
  • Do not load additional weight in the passenger compartment or trunk, as reducing this weight can save up to 2% fuel per 100 pounds. 
  • Use the air conditioning only when necessary since it reduces fuel economy by about 5 percent or more on an older model vehicle.  
  • Once read your owner’s manual to find out the recommended fuel for your vehicle. 
  • Look for discounts: AAA and some grocery stores offer fuel discount programs. 
  • For families with more than one vehicle, select the most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets the task at hand.  
  • Consolidate errands to reduce driving and mileage. Plan your route and find a location where you can take care of all or most errands.   
  • Proper maintenance of your vehicle is important to reduce gasoline use: check that the tires have enough air and the condition of the air filters and spark plugs. 
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