Donald Trump Found In Contempt At New York Court By Judge And Fined $10K Per A Day

Donald Trump Found In Contempt At New York Court By Judge And Fined $10K Per A Day - ebuddynews

On Monday, a New York judge found former President Donald Trump in contempt of court for failing to produce required documents in the state attorney general’s civil investigation into his business practices. He also ordered him to pay a $10,000 daily fine until to complies with legal requirements.

Donald Trump failed to attend a subpoena from State Attorney General Letitia James and then failed to file all the documents by a court-ordered March 3 deadline. However, the court later extended it to March 31 at the lawyers’ request.

Donald Trump In Civil Contempt Of New York Court

Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that Trump’s conduct was contempt, given the repeated failures to deliver the materials. It was not clear that Trump had even searched for the documents. The New York judge said that he knows Mr. Trump takes his business seriously and takes it seriously. Judge at this moment holds Trump in civil contempt in New York, though Trump himself was not in the courtroom.

The prosecutor is investigating whether the Trump Organization, the former president’s family business based in New York City, deceptions the values ​​of his real estate properties to obtain favorable loans and tax deductions. James has said her investigation found significant evidence suggesting that the financial statements of the company relied on misleading asset valuations and other deceptions to secure economic benefits for more than a decade.

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