Disney + Introducing A Cheaper Subscription With Advertising This Year

Disney + Introducing A Cheaper Subscription With Advertising This Year - ebuddynews

It is not the first time we have heard of this style movement because Netflix considered it a long time ago. It can even say that it is the model that Amazon follows until things change in the waters of Prime Video or that of Movistar Plus +. The streaming war is causing the different actors to look for innovative ways to get more additional subscribers for their services. It seems that Disney is studying exchanging prices for advertising.

According to the information, Disney + is studying introducing a new payment level that would add to the current ones, consisting of the monthly payment and the annual payment with a discount. This new payment would try to lower the subscription price in exchange for seeing ads between movies and between series episodes. As we have said, it is Amazon in exchange for costing only 4.34 dollars per month.

Payless, See Ads

Media says that even though things are going well for Disney +, the number of subscribers and its monthly growth. It seems that the Mickey Mouse company plans to make an even greater leap. Disney+’s goal seems to be to reach 230 to 260 million subscribers by 2024, which means changing a few things to increase growth.

One of those things, Disney + would be to introducing this new payment step below the current one, showing us ads between movies and between series chapters in exchange for a cheaper subscription. In exchange for it being more attractive to subscribe and even easier (economically) to maintain a Disney + subscription and that of other platforms and not jump from one to another depending on the releases.

The Introducing of this new cheaper subscription payment tier in Disney + would automatically convert the existing one into an “ad-free” subscription. To compare it with other services, Disney + costs in the United States 7.99 dollars per month and would compete against the 5.43 dollars per month of the Discovery+ plan with ads. Disney already costs 9.78 dollars per month for everyone, so there could be a significant price drop in exchange for these ads.

But for this plan to reach users before it has to get implemented in the United States. It will be the home of the brand and the platform and verify that it works there as the company wants. In the meantime, we will observe the movements and tests of Disney + from afar to see if they will ever affect our territory.

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