Coronavirus Update US: The United States Surpassed 800,000 Deaths From COVID-19

Coronavirus Update US The United States Surpassed 800,000 Deaths From COVID-19 - ebuddynews

According to a tally by Johns Hopkins University, the United States, the country that has undergone the hardest hit during the coronavirus pandemic, surpassed 800,000 deaths from covid-19.

The death count figure is even greater than that of the entire population of several states in the country, including North Dakota and Alaska.

Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, heads of the House and Senate respectively, and Republican leader in the House Kevin McCarthy and other members of Congress held silence for a moment on the steps of the Capitol in Washington.

Despite highly effective vaccines first licensed in December 2020, about 450,000 deaths of Covid-19 surpassed and occurred in 2021 in United States, available in the spring.

A large and majority of deaths occurred among the unvaccinated people.

Vaccination returned during the fourth wave of covid-19 due to the delta variant. More than 60% of this country’s 332 million people are now fully vaccinated. Despite that, the United States still lags behind the other wealthy nations.

Omicron, the most recent Coronavirus variant, has caused global alarm since first reported in South Africa in late November. The status accounts for about 3% of cases in the United States. However, experts expected to increase rapidly, as in other countries.

Health authorities urge those over 16 and want them to immunize with a booster dose to regain immunity to the levels comparable to the two doses against existing variants.

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