Coronavirus Update: 44 People Tested Positive For COVID-19 On Royal Caribbean’s Symphony Of The Seas Cruise Ship

Coronavirus Update 44 People Tested Positive For COVID-19 On Royal Caribbean's Symphony Of The Seas Cruise Ship - ebuddynews

The cruise line said that 44 people aboard Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas cruise ship that ended in Miami recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Cruise-line also notified passengers on that navigation and two others that a passenger who sailed on that ship during a previous itinerary tested positive for the omicron variant of the coronavirus.

All passengers aged 12 and older must get complete vaccination. They got tested negative to board the cruise ship, which departed from Miami. Even children ineligible for the vaccine also had to test negative.

Royal spokesperson Lyan Sierra-Caro told the media that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notified them that a guest aboard their cruise tested positive and identified as omicron. The CDC asked them to notify guests of the sailing, which ended.

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Royal Caribbean explained the situation in the email to passengers who sailed the three Symphony of the Seas cruises.

In a copy of the email obtained by the media, the cruise line said that this guest did not report symptoms to our onboard medical teams as outlined in our health protocols. They later confirmed the post-cruise test results as the omicron variant.

The Symphony of the Seas got tested positive for COVID-19 in the last navigation, which disembarked 44 people of the 6,074 passengers and crew members aboard and 0.72% of the community are on the ship.

Sierra-Caro said that People found them due to the immediate identification of close contacts after a guest tested positive and further noted that quickly quarantined each person. All those tested positive passengers are asymptomatic, and we continuously monitor their health. Six guests disembarked earlier on the cruise ship and got transported home. They assisted the remaining guests today upon our arrival. 

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In the email to passengers, Royal Caribbean said the cases from the cruise were not related to the omicron case of the guest who sailed on the ship.

According to the guidance of the CDC, the cruise line warned that passengers visit a certified testing center three to five days after leaving.

The CDC said that the agency knew the situation of the Symphony of the Seas and worked with RCI to collect more information on the positive cases and possible exposures. The RCI will collect specimens from the current voyage for genetic sequencing.

Sierra-Caro stated that there was no effect on the Future cruises.

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