How to Become an Expert Real Estate Agent

How to Become an Expert Real Estate Agent - eBuddy News

To be an expert you need more training than experience. One of the frequently asked is how to become an expert real estate agent?. Actually, what these real estate agents want to ask is how to get more sales and increase their commissions.

We must recognize that the way they ask the question is encouraging; since it implies the assumption on the part of the one who makes it that improvement is needed to sell more and better. «How can I become an expert real estate agent and thus improve my financial situation?» This is the real question behind the initial question.

The answer is not easy to give. Or rather it is not easy to convey with the right words in a way that is understood and assimilated. Giving advice is easy, but giving good advice is not so much. Let’s see if we can give a clear answer to this frequent question: “What should I do to be to make money and be good at what I do”. The first thing we should think about is training and specialization. The real estate sector is wide and not only houses are sold.

The Real Estate Agent: Experience Is Degree

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Having worked in this sector for several years, it does not necessarily make you an expert. Experience is a degree and must be valued; however, this experience must convey to others that you master your profession. An expert is because a certain field or activity dominates better than others. One can be an expert depending on the situation and one is never an expert in its entirety. If there is something that defines the expert real estate agent well, he is aware that he still has to learn and the learning will never end. Becoming an expert in something is relatively easy; Staying an expert in an area of ​​the real estate sector is difficult.

You are not an expert because you say so; You are because your new and old customers perceive it that way. That your colleagues say makes you feel good, but the litmus test is what your customers say. That said, we must recognize that it is the colleagues in the profession, your competence, who are better able to say if you are an expert or not; although it is the clients that make it profitable that you are an expert. Being popular is fine; But making money is better.

How many real estate agents are in the market that has not been recycled, have not evolved and still use obsolete negotiation and acquisition techniques? How many of these are called experts themselves? Too, unfortunately. They continue to sell real estate as self-proclaimed expert real estate agents, but each time they do it with more effort. Those real estate agents who confuse years with wisdom are those who usually transmit bad habits, personal frustrations and a concept of the real estate sector that does not fit reality.

The Expert Real Estate Agent Learns from A to Z

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To become an expert real estate agent it is best to spend a few years selling all types of real estate and then specialize in a certain area : sale of land, sale of commercial real estate, sale of industrial real estate, sale of luxury residential real estate, sale of a certain type of real estate in your area; capture of a certain type of client, etc. Specialization is what makes you an expert if you accompany it with specific training for that area. You can even be the reference within that area.

Knowing a certain area of ​​the real estate sector well begins with choosing the right training and setting priorities; In other words, what to learn and master first and what to learn and master later. Learning from A to Z means knowing “why” the techniques, strategies, procedures and protocols work; Under what conditions do they work? How to use the media to make it work.

Many real estate agents attend training courses where you learn first the P, then the B, then the M … and so on; which leads to confusion and no longer put into practice what has been learned. Learning must follow a process and not teach the tricks of the business, but the business itself. Good learning that is fast, easy and highly profitable first explains why and then how.

The expert real estate agent always wants to know why. This may seem obvious, but it is not so obvious. The clear example is the use that many real estate agents give Facebook. They put advertising on Facebook, without knowing how to publish articles on Facebook. Then they complain that they don’t get the return they expect.

Learning from A to Z also means starting by taking into account the type of product that is sold, under what conditions this “special” product is purchased and how a recruitment and sales protocol should be followed. Knowing does not take place, but now you have to learn first what will make you earn money tomorrow. You will have time to study philosophy when you have a solid business.

The Expert Real Estate Agent Has Not Lost the North

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Today, many new real estate agents in this sector, (with less than 1 year of experience), believe that mastering social media , having extensive knowledge of the Internet or being a “Community Manager”, positions them to sell real estate and earn some Good fees Until they discover how crude reality is and blame their failure on the sector crisis or that competition is unfair.

Being familiar with the internet and mastering these tools helps a lot; however, if adequate real estate training in marketing and real estate sales is lacking, (why people buy; how people buy … and the particularity that a real estate product has), it will not succeed in this sector. Sales will be achieved, but the high commissions earned by the expert real estate agent will never be achieved.

Becoming an expert real estate agent is easier than you think when you access quality training and bet on specialization. To become an expert you don’t need years, what you need is training, like, and passion for this profession.

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