Five Simple Proposals To Generate Innovation In Your Company

Five Simple Proposals To Generate Innovation In Your Company - eBuddy News

According to the 2018 World Innovation Index, Peru ranked 71 out of 126 economies in the world. However,  transformation sprouted in large, medium and small companies with simple initiatives that do not demand millionaire budgets.

Although creating a savings account in a “click” or requesting food from an app was previously unthinkable. Now they are daily activities thanks to, renovation said Viviana Monge, innovation consultant at Piscina Lab, innovation laboratory at the Pontificia Universalized Católica of Peru (PUCP).


Seen such an impact on people’s lives, he said that companies are betting to include transformation in their businesses, generating greater profitability for their company, developing new products and opening exclusive divisions for that task.

1. Training In Agile Methodologies:

Agile Methodologies - eBuddy News

It is ideal that those involved in renovation processes are trained or seek facilitators in agile methodologies to release creativity, such as Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Scrum, among others.

2. Collaboration Between Areas:

Transformation is transversal in the company. Thus, it is important to include all areas, from managers, middle managers to collaborators so that the vast majority provide their input, comments and/or suggestions.

3. Free Use Of The Crowd Innovation Matrix:

Piscina Lab created the free-use matrix “Crowd innovation”, which consists of nine steps for companies to choose a challenge based on a company problem, generate proposals, and finally choose and run the best.

4. To Lab In My Company:

Large Peruvian companies have areas of innovation, even with laboratories, such as Intercorp, BCP, ministries; However, such a bet can also be undertaken by small or medium enterprises, with the support of academic institutions.

5. The Myth Of Technological Solutions:

It is believed that transformation demands a high budget and is exclusively linked to technology issues. However, Pool Lab ensures that solutions can be simple and zero technological.

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