Five Keys to Make Money With your Website

Five Keys to Make Money With your Website ebuddynews

E-commerce and The Internet are the lands of opportunities for entrepreneurs. The online world covers all types of business possibilities, from a content portal to a social network. So, how to make a profit and make money with your website?

E-commerce Achieving a record volume of visits is quite an achievement. But to make money with your website you also have to know how to make it profitable, from inserting advertising to content marketing.

The Internet is the land of opportunities for entrepreneurs. The online world covers all types of business possibilities, from a content portal to a social network.

Another option, very much in vogue at the moment, is the software as a service (SaaS), which consists of offering a service to the user through an online program. The problem is that none of these business models usually charge a single euro to the end user. So, how to make them profitable?

The experts point out various alternatives that the entrepreneur should assess and, where appropriate, combine, depending on the characteristics of the company:

Sell a product

“If the product is known by the public and its price is low (less than the US $ 100), the objective of the website may be the sale,” says Carlos Delgado, CEO of Level Up. Also, if the web is going windy aft can help create a personal brand, which has several commercial applications. For example, a marketing professional could take advantage of the traffic generated by his blog to offer consulting services or online training.

Insert advertising

One of the most obvious options is to find advertisers whose target audience matches the profile of users who visit the web and make money with your website. To do this, you must enable spaces within the page where the banners will fit. These formats can be either static or audiovisual and will include a link to access the advertiser’s page. The problem with this method is that the space available to a website is limited. In addition, the advertiser will judge the profitability of their investment by the number of clicks their banners get, something difficult to control.

Content Marketing

Five Keys to Make Money With your Website ebuddynews

A more subtle alternative to make money with your website to the previous one is to offer the advertiser the possibility of influencing its potential customers through the contents of the web. “That the support has the ability to influence its users is what adds value to the brands and so they are willing to pay up to ten times more,” says Placido Balmaseda, CEO of Antevenio Rich & Reach. In this way, as the expert explains, the website can generate content related to the advertiser and use its prescription power to promote the sale of products.

This possibility, which can be articulated, for example, through a sponsorship contract, is ideal for blogs and social networks.

Contact information.

Another option is to obtain the data of the people who visit the page and offer the advertiser the possibility of advertising campaigns segmented by sex, age or place of residence, among other factors. To obtain this data, the web has to offer the user some type of information that is of interest to them (for example, a newsletter or the report generated after using an online tool). However, it is important to strictly comply with the regulations on data protection.

Sell the web

It may not be the initial goal (and it is good that it is not) but there is a possibility that a website will gain so much appeal that it will end up receiving a purchase offer, even before it becomes profitable. For this, it is essential that it accumulate so many visits that it becomes a reference for a segment of the determined population or on a specific topic.

How to make a social network profitable

Five Keys to Make Money With your Website ebuddynews

In its four years of history, Madaish has managed to position itself as the first fashion and beauty social network in Latin America, with 1.5 million registered users. A success that for its founder, Helena García, is based on offering quality content that really interests the user. “Google prioritizes quality over quantity,” he says. He has also resorted to paid campaigns in social networks to promote his website although, he warns, “this allows you to increase the number of visits, but then you have to keep them”.

When it comes to monetizing your company, Garcia has preferred to offer the contents for free. Nor has opted for the traditional advertising route. Instead, it offers large fashion and beauty companies various collaboration strategies to help them improve their brand image and increase their sales. For this, it mainly uses campaigns with ‘influencer’ and content marketing. In the next months, the business will include a new leg: Influniversity, an online school to become ‘influencer’.

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