Amazon Now Deliver Your Products With Amazon Key Service

Amazon Now Deliver Your Products With Amazon Key Service ebuddy news

Amazon has just introduced Amazon Key, an exclusive service for US Prime users with which couriers can enter your home to deliver a package when you are away. All this with a system that includes a camera so you can monitor how the delivery has been.

To be able to use it, Amazon Prime users will first need to buy an Amazon Key In-Home Kit for $ 250. It is a pack that includes a surveillance camera so you can see what happens inside your house, and also a smart lock so you can install it on your door so that you can deliver the packages when you are not.

When you buy a product and you are a user of Prime, you can choose the option of delivery at home if you know that you will not be when the package arrives. Then, when the messenger is in front of your door, he will scan the order code and make a request to Amazon. When the online store verify that it is your order will unlock the door and the camera will start recording.

Once the delivery is completed, the door will be locked again and you will be notified in your application that the package has been delivered. In the notification will include a video recorded by the camera, and in which you will see everything that has been made during delivery.

It will also serve for third parties

Amazon Now Deliver Your Products With Amazon Key Service

With the Amazon Key application, you can also grant permission to others, and you will be notified every time someone enters your house with those permissions. For example, you will be able to grant access to people you trust. In this way you can grant permanent access to family and trusted people in your home, and if you prefer you can also program temporary access.

Amazon has also ensured that in the coming months it will open Amazon Key to allow you to give unprotected access to professional service providers. These services will have a button on your web where you click to grant them permission to enter, and at all times you will be able to control everything that is done.

Among the services that will benefit from this option are the cleaning of Merry Maids, pet caregivers and dog walkers from, as well as more than 1,200 services from Amazon Home Services.

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