9 Most Worst Mistakes At Work You Can Make

9 Most Worst Mistakes At Work You Can Make - eBuddynews

Many times workers make mistakes in our work center, especially when wanting to show our commitment and productivity within the team. However, there are big differences between those habitual or tolerable mistakes at work that can endanger our position.  Also, these mistakes can put you to the test not only as coworkers but as a worthy person to trust.

In that sense, we reveal the worst mistakes at work that can even lead to your leaving the organization and make a remark on your career life.

Worst Mistakes at Work You Can Make

Do Not Comply With Your Work

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When you accept to work, you commit to performing the tasks in the best way, because you are supposed to indicate that you are qualified to fulfill it. If you do not have the tools for it (and the company does not know) and if you are not able to comply with what is entrusted, you are in danger.

Betraying Your Companions

Sometimes, the worker falls into the error of thinking that, in a job, he is only committed to the bosses or managers, but it is not so. Caring for your relationship with your colleagues and your superiors is as important as performing all your daily tasks. Never participate in gossip or make dishonest decisions that could put your reputation and your gift of people at risk.

Being Irrespetous

It is evident that respect is what every worker must profess within his workspace. Also, it is a fact that inappropriate behaviors such as harassment and mobbing should not be transgressed. However, there are toxic behaviors that sometimes border on the previous but that are usually more allowed. It is better not to criticize your colleagues, or make frivolous comments about them or their appearance.

Being Incorrect

Worst Mistakes at Work - eBuddynews

It is related to being disrespectful, but in a way, it is more subtle. The codes of conduct in companies are for something, and although they are becoming less rigorous, you have to meet a minimum.

Appropriate The Merit of Another

It is one of the most serious mistakes at work you can make. With this, you can boycott the relationship with your bosses and with your team. Just think of the person who managed to do the job that you appropriate, how much time and effort should it have cost? Do not fall for it by ambition or omission; To say that that achievement is not yours will make you a better companion.

Telling Lies

Communication and honesty are key. Work to always be honest and transparent with your superiors and colleagues. At least in the strictly professional. On the other hand, recognizing that you have made a mistake (or communicating it before they find out) will make you someone worthy of trust.

Being Too Negative

Mistakes at work you make - eBuddynews

This attitude can affect anyone who is in our environment. You have been hired to make the job easier for the company, not to spoil the environment, so try to dump your frustration elsewhere. And if for reasons unrelated to work, try to resolve them outside him.

Suffering an IRA Attack

At work, we are all in greater or lesser measures subjected to stress, and in the worst moments, it is difficult not to collapse or live a crisis during working hours. We must avoid it by all means, especially if there is a risk that we will suffer an attack of anger and do something irreversible.

Speaking Bad of Your Company

Just as it is important to respect your bosses and coworkers, you must follow that same line when it comes to the organization. Do not speak ill of your bosses or of your company, either while you are working for them or when you have left and you have interviews in other places. You will cause a disastrous impression on your employers, current and future. Speaking bad of your previous boss or company is one of the worst mistakes at work that most of the people tend to commit.

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