Biden Plans To Install Electric Car Chargers On The Highways Around United States

Biden Plans To Install Electric Car Chargers On The Highways Around United States - ebuddynews

The Administration of Joe Biden plans to promote the purchase of electric vehicles and create jobs, besides combating the climate crisis, so the United States Government launched its investment program to install 500,000 electric car chargers on the country’s highways.

The Government will have to invest 7,500 million dollars for the said program. From out of that, 5,000 million are already available to transfer to the states. Senior Administration officials informed journalists that such action justifies a good use of the available resource.

The District of Columbia and fifty states in the country; and Puerto Rico will have to request funds until August from the Federal Government and explain how they plan to install these chargers.

The officials detailed that this charging network for electric vehicles must be fully available to all users, despite living in an urban or rural area.

The investment’s second part, of 2,500 million dollars, will be a subsidy plan launched later.

The Biden plans of install chargers, which seeks to have reached 500,000 charging points by 2030, seeks to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles, reduce polluting emissions and create jobs in the electric car industry.

The officials supported that well-paying jobs that will help develop the middle class will be created and promote the decarbonization of the economy of the United States.

According to senior administration officials, the United States currently has only 100,000 charging points on its highways. There should be one point at every 50 miles range. It will be ideal.

Biden paid a visit to a charging station factory in Tennessee on Tuesday. A group of businessmen from the electricity sector met him at the White House to discuss his transition plan to establish clean energy.

The investment is part of the great infrastructure plan of 1.2 trillion dollars which Congress approved last November as one of the great achievements of the Administration of Biden.

The law contemplates that they need 550,000 million dollars in new investments in infrastructure in the following five years, besides 65,000 million dollars to improve broadband. Additionally, they require 7,500 million dollars to create the electric car charging stations network, among other items.

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