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Biden Introduce His Winter COVID-19 Plan To Combat With New Variant Omicron

Biden Introduce His Winter COVID-19 Plan To Combat With New Variant Omicron - ebuddynews

This winter, President Joe Biden presented his government’s strategy plan to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. This plan would not include ‘closures or lockdowns,’ given the concern generated by the new Omicron variant already identified in the country.

The president from the National Institutes of Health headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland, said that this plan does not include closures or lockdowns. But instead a massive vaccination effort, vaccine boosters, testing, and more.

According to the plan, they were expecting no school or business closures.

The president added that As they move into winter and face the challenges of this new variant, they have to leave the divisions behind. At this point, they can do what they had not been able to do during the entire pandemic. He also said that unite the country under a common purpose to fight this virus, protect each other, and protect the economic recovery.

The United States again imposed restrictions on travelers from South Africa and seven other countries in the south of the African continent.

The United States is hardest hit by the pandemic, with more than 775,000 deaths. Almost 20% of its population has also received the booster dose of the available serums.

The Details Of The Biden Winter Plan To Combat COVID-19

The federal government will take actions:

  1. Giving boosters for all adults.
  2. Vaccination to children and keeping schools open.
  3. Expansion of free home testings for Americans.
  4. Strict public health protocols for safe international travel.
  5. To keep our economy open Protections in the workplace.
  6. Rapid response teams to help fight increasing cases.
  7. Supplying treatment pills to help prevent hospitalizations and deaths.
  8. Consistent effort to global vaccination efforts.
  9. Steps to make sure we are ready for all scenarios.

International Travel

They will implement that for all international travelers, regardless of nationality or vaccination status. Before one day of their departure to the US must test negative for COVID-19.

Travelers Must Wear Masks

The masking requirement for domestic travel will also run until mid-March. At present, they are not considering any other national or international travel restrictions.

Doing Home Tests

Biden said that private health insurers must cover 100% of the cost of COVID-19 tests at home, purchased by their members.

Biden assured that the federal government would make 50 million free home tests open to community health centers and rural clinics for those without private insurance.

To implement this new standard Department of Labor, Health and Human Services, and the Treasury will work together. However, it will not apply reflexively to home tests already purchased.

Vaccine Boosters

Biden has announced a ‘national campaign’ for people to get their booster shots.

Pharmacies will increase the availability of booster appointments. Medicare will also send reminders to seniors to get boosters, among other efforts.

Schools Are Open

Keeping schools open is also one of the priorities for the president. Joe Biden revealed a new effort to launch ‘family vaccination clinics’ nationwide. And he will announce that Medicaid and CHIP will begin paying healthcare providers to talk to people about the importance of getting vaccinated.

Schools don’t have to shut down completely if a case is detected; CDC will also review schools’ COVID-19 policies.

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