What Should We Do To Hinder Car Theft

What Should We Do To Hinder Car Theft ebuddynews

You should probably know what steps you need to take to hinder car theft and inhibit criminals, ranging from choosing a new car to even taking actions to make your vehicle “less attractive” in the crowd. Among them, keeping your car kept (which indicates that the owner is careful and should use at least some safety device), stay away from dangerous places, avoid leaving valuables inside the vehicle, park only in well-lit places and with movement, among others.

However, there are some features you can also use to make your car safer and hinder car theft, especially when it is parked somewhere. One of these items can even prevent your car engine from working, preventing the burglar from leaving the vehicle. We list the main ones. Check out:

Car alarm

What to do to hinder car theft Ebuddy News

The automotive alarm is practically a classic among many of the cars that circulate in our country to hinder car theft, so much that several manufacturers already equip their models with the alarm as a series item. It is a device that emits an audible alert to warn the owner and even the people around you that there is something wrong.

There are two types of most common alarms. The first is the perimeter alarm, which monitors only the improper opening of the doors and also the trunk lid. The second is the volumetric alarm, which emits sound waves in the car cabin to detect the movements.

An automotive alarm is priced at $ 300 or even less, regardless of manpower. Other than that, cars with alarms usually have insurance up to 10% more in an account.

Steering wheel lock

What to do to hinder car theft Ebuddy News

Among the latches, one of the available types is the steering wheel lock. This type of feature is quite inexpensive and can be found in online stores for less than $ 30. The steering/steering lock consists of a bar made of hardened steel with two rods, which must be attached to the sides of the steering wheel. As a result, she can avoid the circular steering movement, reducing the chances of a potential criminal driving her car.

Trackers and Locators

There are some types of trackers and locators to hinder car theft and vehicles. Some are offered by specialized companies through a kind of signature, while others have a simpler design and you pay only once to use it. In the latter case, the tracker and pager consist of a remote control device that needs a prepaid or postpaid mobile chip to operate.

With it, simply call the inserted chip number to get back an SMS message with latitude and longitude. To check the exact location, simply enter the data in Google Earth or Google Maps. This type of item is usually offered in online stores for around $ 120.

For specialized crawlers and locators, you can usually check the location in real time with a mobile app. Some also have functions such as an alert if the vehicle starts and goes beyond a certain area or travel at speed above the ideal, for example. This tracker and locator can be found with a monthly fee of about $ 60.


Blockers are another type of device to inhibit criminals. With it, if another safety device is triggered, such as the anti-theft alarm, the device prevents the fuel supply of the car. Some also offer the possibility of being activated by means of a button positioned in a little visible place inside the car or even through applications for smartphones.

A blocker by means of remote control or button inside the car has an average price of $ 60.

Pedal lock

There is also the pedal lock. As its name implies, this feature can prevent the “driver” from activating the three pedals of the vehicle (accelerator, brake, and clutch). It should be placed every time the car is parked and usually has an integrated lock or, on simpler models, it must be locked with a lock. The average price of a car pedal lock is $ 50.

Wheel anti-theft screws

The anti-theft bolts on the wheels do not prevent the criminal from getting out of the way with your vehicle. However, it is quite interesting to make it difficult to steal your wheels from your car, especially if it is equipped with bolder alloy wheels. It consists of a set of screws and a specific wrench for them. Normally, you should replace one screw of each wheel of the car with the special device of the kit.

The screws are provided with a unique coding that can only be activated by the set key. That is, without the specific key it is virtually impossible to remove the wheel from the car. A set of four anti-theft screws has an average price of $ 100 depending on make and model.

Gearbox and parking brake

For about $ 50, you can purchase a parking brake and shift lock. This equipment has a very simple design and basically fixes the gearbox and the vehicle handbrake, preventing the assailant from being able to operate two of the vital components of the car. It is usually accompanied by specific keys to open and close when needed.

Insulfilm and security film

You probably already have insulfilm in your car. However, it is still worth noting the importance of this item to protect your car, especially to “hide” the internal details of the vehicle, such as your belongings and even the equipment. Currently, it is possible to use insulfilm with 75% visibility on the windshield, 70% on the front side windows, 28% on the rear side windows and the rear window.

Security films are even more advantageous. It can reinforce the car’s glass up to 10 times depending on the thickness of the film, preventing the vandal from popping the windows with stones, for example, and also protecting the driver against the shattering of the glass.

The steering wheel and pedal lock

What to do to hinder car theft Ebuddy News

Last but not least, the well-known steering wheel and pedal lock designed to hinder car theft. This type of lock engages the steering wheel and, with its length adjustment, reaches the brake pedal, locking both items and making it impossible to drive the vehicle. The steering wheel and pedal lock also have specific keys. The price is about $ 30.

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