Volvo’s Varjo XR-1 Bets On Augmented Reality

Volvo's Varjo XR-1 Bets On Augmented Reality - eBuddy News

Volvo’s  Varjo XR-1 for the first time allows a driver to drive a real car using an Augmented Reality Kit. Adding virtual elements or other features that seem real not only to the driver but also to the car.  Augmented reality sensors are implemented for development purposes. This is, until now, a unique proposal in the automotive industry.

Volvo’s Varjo XR-1

Volvo's Varjo XR-1 - eBuddy News

The Varjo XR-1 equipment delivers virtual reality at a resolution far superior to what is currently on the market. Thus, the XR-1 can radically reduce the development periods of new products.  The evaluation of Varjo XR-1 compared to other cars in this segment is incomparable.

When compared to its predecessor, the XR-1 adds high definition cameras to the helmet and uses mixed reality. This allows Volvo Cars designers and engineers to “drive” the next models.  Evolution of Volvo cars features in a simulation environment long before they exist. This enabled the company to develop new models. The new models most optimized user experience is possible for Volvo at an early stage of development.

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