Top 10 Cheapest Cars With Armrest For Drivers

Top 10 Cheapest Cars With Armrest For Drivers - ebuddynews

It is not news that many people like cars, in addition, is gradually becoming a consumer a little more demanding that is always in search of power, comfort, and safety.

One of the items that lately many people are keen to have in their car is the armrest that can help in those times where the driver has spent a lot of time driving and needs rest and ease of arm as well as being able to find a more comfortable driving position.

Speaking of demand, a survey conducted by GSK revealed that the consumer here values the presence of driver assistance technologies such as parking sensor, multimedia center, drive without the use of keys, among others.

We often see an audience looking for well-equipped models with airbags, air conditioning, alloy wheels and other basic items. To check each of these, just access our special materials in the TOP 10.

For those who are searching for specific categories, we produce a list of the ten cheapest cars with armrest for the driver.

We emphasize that not all are available as standard, so we have included the additional package value for these models.

The 10 Cheapest Cars With Armrest For The Driver:

1) Lifan 530 Talent – R $ 43,990

Top 10 Cheapest Cars With Armrest For Drivers - ebuddynews

The Lifan sedan, the 530 Talent, starts on our list as the cheapest cars with armrest, being marketed for $ 43,990 including standard: central front armrest, air conditioning, power windows and locks, fog lights and parking sensor.

Contestant of the Chery Celer and Nissan Versa, the 530 pleases the driver for the wide list of equipment and for the internal space that for those looking for a cheap family vehicle, it may be an option.

The engine is 1.5L of 4 cylinders and 103 hp of power.

2) Fiat Argo 1.3 GSR – R $ 57.690

Top 10 Cheapest Cars With Armrest For Drivers - ebuddynews

With good sales, the Fiat Argo ended June 2018 as the fifth best-selling car(4,485 placements). The compact hatch was launched in May 2017 to replace the old Palio and Punto.

The Argo GSR is one of eight versions available, offering driver armrest, progressive electric steering, height-adjustable steering wheel, luggage compartment lighting, and autopilot. Its engine is 1.3 Firefly 8V Flex with automatic transmission.

3) Kia Picanto GT – R $ 58,990

Top 10 Cheapest Cars With Armrest For Drivers - ebuddynews

The new Picanto GT with its aggressive and sporty design delivery engine 1.0 Flex aspirated 3-cylinder and 80-hp power with 10 kgfm of torque.

In its third generation, the Picanto has a series: armrest for the driver, split rear seat, front airbags, onboard computer, aft camera, alloy wheels, steering wheel with height and depth regulation and trunk 255 liters.

The small achievement for the great internal finishing and connectivity, in addition to the consumption, reviews with a fixed price and the guarantee that is of 5 years.

4) Toyota Yaris XL 1.3 – R $ 59,590

Top 10 Cheapest Cars With Armrest For Drivers - ebuddynews

Expected more than 10 years ago, Toyota finally brought Yaris. On the outside, the hatch has a nice design, with aggressive lines and giving an air of sportiness.

The Yaris offers driver armrest, three-point seat belt for all passengers, manual air conditioning with anti-pollen filter and hot air, electronic traction control, and 15 “alloy wheel.

Its engine is 1.3 L Dual VVT-i 16 V DOHC Flex 101 hp and six-speed manual gearbox.

5) Toyota Etios X PLUS Automatic – R $ 60,380

Top 10 Cheapest Cars With Armrest For Drivers - ebuddynews

AX PLUS is the most expensive version of the Toyota Etios, on sale today for $ 60,380. Equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission, the engine is 1.5 L 16 V Dual VVT-i Flex 107 hp power.

Armrests on the driver’s seat as it is called by the Japanese automaker, fabric trim, air conditioning, three-point rear belts, 15-alloy wheels and the onboard computer are some of the standard items.

6) Hyundai HB20 Comfort Plus 1.6 Automatic – $ 60,850

Top 10 Cheapest Cars With Armrest For Drivers - ebuddynews

Of all the vehicles on the list, the Hyundai HB20 Comfort Plus is the only one that does not offer standard armrest. To purchase it, an additional package is required, which includes a six-speed automatic transmission and an armrest (R $ 1,900).

In contrast, Hyundai provides exterior mirrors in body color, headlights with black mask, dual front airbag, air conditioning, power steering and perimeter alarm.

The engine is Gamma 1.6 Flex with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

7) Fiat Cronos 1.3 GSR – R $ 62,490

Top 10 Cheapest Cars With Armrest For Drivers - ebuddynews

Launched in the first quarter of this year (2018), Cronos has already left behind Nissan Versa, Hyundai HB20S and Volkswagen Voyage when we talk about license plate numbers.

Filled with Linea’s space, Cronos came to compete with Honda City, Volkswagen Virtus, and Chevrolet Cobalt. As standard Fiat delivery: air conditioning, board computer, luggage compartment lighting, autopilot and steering wheel with height adjustment.

Under the hood, the automaker equipped the Cronos with engine 1.3 Firefly 8V Flex.

8) Toyota Yaris Sedan XL 1.5 – R $ 63.990

Top 10 Cheapest Cars With Armrest For Drivers - ebuddynews

The Yaris back to our list of cheapest cars with armrest, now, in the sedan body. The car features sporty lines, equally in the hatch, and a compelling look. Concurring with Fiat Cronos, Volkswagen Virtus, and Honda City, the newcomer arrives in the market with armrest for the driver, manual air conditioning, front and rear bumper in the color of the car and more, all as standard.

As we show here in the Automotive News, the Yaris Sedan XL delivers optimal handling and performance.

In the engine, we have 1.5 L Dual VVT-i 16 V DOHC Flex 110 hp power and 6-speed manual transmission.

9) Hyundai HB20s Comfort Plus – R $ 64,650

Top 10 Cheapest Cars With Armrest For Drivers - ebuddynews

The successful compact sedan arrived in a new version (2019) with multimedia BlueMedia available in all versions.

For R $ 64,650 the HB20s Comfort Plus is available as standard with armrest, driver’s seat with height adjustment, power steering, perimeter alarm, headlights with black mask and 8-function onboard computer.

In addition, the model has excellent protection with its airbags and ABS brakes with EBD, which made the car to have good impact test scores. The engine is a Gamma 1.6 6-speed automatic.

10) VW Polo Comfortline – R $ 67.990

Top 10 Cheapest Cars With Armrest For Drivers - ebuddynews

The VW Polo, in its Comfortline version of R $ 67,990, finishes our list of cheapest cars with armrest in the tenth position. The model is well equipped and has the praised 1.0 TSI engine, which delivers good power and also excellent fuel economy.

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