Review Of New Mercedes C250D Cabriolet 2017 Model

Review Of New Mercedes C250D Cabriolet 2017 Model

We are in the presence of a convertible that is based on the coupe version of the C-Class, offers four seats with a well-known diesel engine and naturally, the first comparison has to be made with the eternal rival of Munich, the BMW 4 Series convertible. And, of course, everyone wants to know if the Mercedes is better than the BMW.

The design of the Class C body is unanimously recognized as a good exercise-style in the four-door version, a sleek car in the coupe version. Now the convertible, part of the latter and the truth are that open or closed – also benefiting from the excellent combination of colors between body and hood – is elegant. I confess I like the open car more, but it’s just my opinion.

Then the 2.1-liter engine allows the car to reach from 0-100 km / h in just over seven seconds, taking advantage of the 204 hp and 500 Nm of torque. And with consumptions around 7 liters per hundred kilometers, Mercedes C250d Cabriolet ends up gaining ground against the BMW 420d Cabriolet.

To say that the Mercedes C250d Cabriolet is equipped as standard with the 9-speed automatic transmission and that you can buy it, if you want, with four-wheel drive. The model that was entrusted to me for this test had rear wheel drive and was equipped with the Sport level as there is only this or the AMG Line level.

Review Of New Mercedes C250D Cabriolet 2017 Model

The interior of the Mercedes C250d Cabriolet offers excellent space in the front seats, with the driver being offered an excellent driving position, as in the Coupé and the Saloon, with extensive seat and steering adjustments. Behind, the thing is more complicated and places are more shy, particularly when we lowered the hood. Above the height of 1.80 meters, the head can rub against the roof. In comparison with the BMW 4 Series Cabriolet, the Mercedes is a little late. It goes back to the front when we compare the luggage compartment because with an open or closed top, is always bigger and also has the possibility of bouncing the back of the seat to gain some more space. However, do not get excited, therefore, the opening of the lid of the suitcase is not generous and does not let between very large things. Of course, when opening the hood, the space decreases and the suitcase becomes less practical. Which is perfectly natural.

The atmosphere on board is excellent, the material mix is very well made and with quality items in regards to plastics, metals, and woods. Personal opinion but the interior of the Mercedes thrashes the interior of the BMW, as the home of Stuttgart is changing from time to time, while the rivals of Munich that remains the same for too long. Then everything is within reach, and it’s a shame that the entertainment and navigation info system, housed in a 7-inch screen without touch sensitivity, is below what the BMW iDrive is.

Open the hood – this summer of autumn invited to that same thing – time to put into motion the Mercedes C250d Cabriolet. Pressing the button and the diesel block comes to life. The engine is well-known and, looking at the latest creations of Mercedes, pales when we hear the noise at idle (from the outside because the sound insulation makes almost any noise disappear) or when we pull the block and the beats are more audible. What does not rhyme with the elegance of cabriolet lines, although in most situations, especially on a highway at a cruising pace, this situation does not arise? And, above all, Mercedes controlled the engine vibrations very well, not feeling anything in the passenger compartment.

Review Of New Mercedes C250D Cabriolet 2017 Model

Reference is also made to the 9-speed automatic transmission which has the excellent habit of choosing the ideal gear ratio for what we need, with the Mercedes block doing very well with the mid-range, starting at 1500 rpm, rising from linear form until reaching the 4 thousand, already on top of the limiter, where it is not worth reaching because there is neither power nor torque.

The other side of the coin is the way this Mercedes C250d Cabriolet treads the asphalt, with class, comfort, and tranquility thanks to a well-crafted chassis. Note for some noise coming from the suspension, which still feels softer than the BMW 4 Series Cabriolet.

With the hood closed, the noise is completely muffled by the excellence of the hood, even if we pull the engine and roll at interesting speeds (the car reaches 245 km / h …). Open the hood – you can do it in progress since at speeds below 50 km / h, exercise done in a mere 20 seconds – we are not hammered by the wind and thanks to Aircap, who follows in the back seat does not suffer much more.

Review Of New Mercedes C250D Cabriolet 2017 Model

And if you want to catch someone and take a romantic open-top walk, you can go up to Falperra, or go down to Lagoa Azul or wander around the Douro, that the car has an excellent behavior with an open or closed top, even if the Mercedes C250d Cabriolet is heavier than the coupe, with immense grip. It is true that in the limit the body adorns a little and that the direction the closer we close the angle of the curve, the harder it gets. If you adopt the rhythm that this car deserves – relaxed, calm and tranquil – the Mercedes C250d Cabriolet returns in the same coin, that is, a calm and serene driving.


Accounts made, the Mercedes C250d Cabriolet offers an excellent car with interesting performance, contained fuels (the final average of the test was not very pleasant 6.9 l / 100 km), interior refinement and a first level driving experience. Quality, very complete equipment and elegant shapes. It is true that it is more expensive than the BMW 4 Series Convertible (the C250d costs 70,435 dollars, the BMW 420d stands for 65,124and the 425d for 69,025 dollars), but the equipment is more generous. Weighing all the positives and negatives, Mercedes is better than BMW, leaving out the Audi A5 Cabriolet because I do not know the new model.

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