New Kia Niro Hybrid Model 2017

New Kia Niro Hybrid Model 2017

The 2017 Kia Niro is a important model for the brand. It is the company’s 1st car designed from the get-go to be a hybrid. And as Kia’s VP of product planning explains, it’s serving to lead the company’s push to enhance fuel economy by 25 p.c across the board. Thus it’s kind of funny that almost everything about this car reads as “conventional” or just “normal.”

There are exceptions to this. Under the attractive – if not adventurous – skin is some interesting technology. Most of the mechanicals are shared with the forthcoming Hyundai Ioniq, including the direct-injected 1.6-liter inline-four and electric motor that send power to the front wheels. The powertrain makes a combined 139 Horsepower and 195 pound-feet of torsion.

Kia also implemented various aerodynamic and weight aids to make the most of the engine and motor. The Niro features active air shutters, a rear spoiler and air curtains to help execute a 0.29 coefficient of drag and the hood, hatch, brake calipers and a few suspension components are all made of aluminium. Plus, when ordered with navigation, the Niro can provide tips on driving more efficiently, and will use topographic info to use electrical power in the most effective manner.

Kia Niro Hybrid Features

New Kia Niro Hybrid Model 2017

The different bits of fuel-maximising mechanism intend the Niro controls Prius-like fuel economy ratings of 52 mpg in the city, 49 on the highway and 50 combined. That is only for the base Fe model, though. Ascension to the slightly better-equipped EX and LX models yields a small decrease to 51 city, 46 highway, and 49 overall. If you choose for the touring model, shown here, because you want all the bells and whistles, be ready to sacrifice additional mileage – it only manages 46 town, 40 highway, and 43 overall.

Kia says this is because of the increased weight of the basic options, different roof rails that change the aerodynamic profile, and the larger, wider 18-inch wheels and tires that increase the rotational mass and rolling resistance. The powertrain is acceptably bouncy also. It is not getting to blow you away, however it sets off with solid pace, thanks in part to the electric motor’s immediate torsion.

And in Sport mode, the stangle is responsive and the transmission holds gears longer. Sadly, the gas engine isn’t a refined piece of machinery, and you hear a lot from it in the Sport mode. It buzzes and moans at and close to wide-open throttle. Due to all this, you will probably simply want to leave the shifter in Drive. The Niro’s worth goes along side the rest of its prevailing palatableness.

Kia Niro Hybrid Price

New Kia Niro Hybrid Model 2017

Kia hasn’t set final pricing yet, however we’re told that base models will begin at around $24,000, which would put the Niro just under the $25,065 worth of the base Prius. Touring models should top out around $32,000. If the Niro sounds like the car for you, you will be able to pick one up this January. And, if you can wait a while longer, Kia will be launching a plug-in version at the end of 2017 which will have an electric range of about 25 miles.

That model will probably value more, however available tax credits may offset all or part of the worth increase. Taken as a full, the Niro is a solid car. It isn’t outstanding, and it is not horrible; it’s good. It looks handsome enough, it rides comfortably enough, it handles well enough, and most significant for some, it does a good job of hiding the fact that it is a hybrid at all.

It is best thought of as a competent and competitive crossover that happens to get roughly fifty mpg if you go easy on the options. There are hybrids and crossovers that are sportier, more comfortable, or more striking looking. But for many folks, the Niro will be just about perfect, giving them the crossover look and feel they desire with a measure of utility, while also delivering excellent fuel economy. That combination is at least noticeable.

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