New GMC Sierra HD Model 2017

New GMC Sierra HD Model 2017

It’s not the truck that counts, it’s how you utilize it. It is the heavy stuff you fit in its bed or the extremely heavy stuff that gets attached to the tow hitch. The ATV, the Jet Skis, the trailer with additional square footage than a Greenwich Village apartment. Maybe you need to get Seabiscuit or, uh, Mr. ED to wherever they need to gallop next.

In our case, there is a pair of very serious-looking snowmobiles perked atop the bed of a GMC Sierra. They spread out as wide as the extended tow mirrors, and their back halves are dangling precariously beyond the truck. Sterling Archer would be giddy; i am a little nervous. However only because canyon roads and wide vehicles with a high center of gravity go together like peas and custard.

GMC Sierra HD Description

New GMC Sierra HD Model 2017

The added weight isn’t any sweat at all. This is the 2017 model GMC Sierra HD Denali, a truck along the type of suspension, torque, increased power, and stopping capability expected of a heavy-duty pickup. And for this year, the power and torsion get a serious bump courtesy of a new 6.6-liter Duramax turbodiesel engine reengineered from almost the ground up with 90 % new parts.

It’s quieter and more efficient and it emits less, while most significantly producing 445 Horsepower and 910 pound-feet of torsion. that is up from 397 and 765, respectively. Chevy fans can note that identical engine is also available in the updated 2017 Silverado HD. Now, for those keeping score at home, that Horsepower is best-in-class however the torsion number still falls short of the new Ford Super Duty and its Power Stroke diesel V8’s 925 lb-ft. Aw shucks.

For the record, GM’s engineers did not appear too concerned that they weren’t able to eke out an extra 16 torques simply to say they are No. 1. “We needed to 1st meet emissions then deliver the maximum Horsepower and torsion we might, and deliver it over the widest usability range possible,” aforesaid chief engineer Eric Stanczak. The Sierra pulled and pulled and pulled up the grade, free from any abrupt downshifts from the mostly carry-over, however reinforced six-speed automatic transmission.

GMC Sierra HD Torque

New GMC Sierra HD Model 2017

Torsion can do that for you, friends. And should it have been August in absurdity valley with the thermometer pushing triple digits, the Duramax’s new, patent-pending cold-air intake system would’ve made positive it kept pulling with similar authority. Identified by its chrome-rimmed hood scoop, the system’s addition of colder air helps keep the engine and transmission from losing power below heavy loads and high temperatures.

In certain situations, one might see that being as much of an advantage as all that torsion. In general, though, the Sierra HD is remarkably civilized, and though it’d be a stretch to declare the denali actually luxurious (its “wood” trim and stitched dashboard pleather do not elevate it that abundant over an SLT), one can see why well-off folks with ample towing wants happily spend more to enjoy its niceties.

GMC Sierra HD Performance

New GMC Sierra HD Model 2017

And despite all that chrome up front, it still manages to be less ostentatious than Ford’s King Ranch and platinum trucks. To many, that’ll really be a bad thing, however in the event you are not a chrome enthusiast and would prefer your truck to visually skew toward the bad-ass, there is the new-for-2017 Sierra 2500 HD All terrain X.

It features a blackened grille and wheels, plus Rancho twin-tube shocks, Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac tires, a spray-on bedliner, tube side steps, and a very Marty McFly sport bar in the bed complete with LED lights. It looks rad, will venture a little further off the beaten path, will still be had with the Duramax, and will most likely look a lot of appropriate towing ATVs and the like.

The All Terrain X may thus be the one to get, however who’s to argue with the forty five percent who already opt for the denali to tow a race car, snowmobiles or, uh, War Horse? My equine knowledge really needs an upgrade.

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