New Chevrolet Montana 2020 Model Starts At $54,290

New Chevrolet Montana 2020 Model - eBuddy News

With 750,000 units, New Chevrolet Montana 2020 Model starts at $54,290. General Motors’ light truck is a derivative project of Agile. The agile model emerged at the time of the crisis. Agile led General Motors, automaker to bankruptcy in the United States. After the end of the hatch, which had the base of the Celtic.  Celtic is the commercial variant continued in the market.

New Chevrolet Montana 2020 Model – Payload Capacity Of 756 Kg

2020 Cherovlet Model - eBuddy News

With a payload capacity of 756 kg, the New Chevrolet Montana 2020 is available in the LS and Sport versions.  It costs $ 65,090. Chevrolet Montana is GM’s fourth light truck in Brazil, after the Chevy 500, Corsa Pickup and Montana “C”. New Chevrolet Montana 2020 Model commercial vehicle is a vehicle for work. The design of this is quite simple.

It equipped with the long-live 1.4 8V four-cylinder engine. The engine with 94 horsepower in gasoline and 99 horsepower in ethanol. The New Chevrolet Montana 2020 Model has 12.9 and 13.0 kgfm of fuel tanks respectively. Both the fuel tanks have 3,200 rpm. With a five-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive, the pickup truck has 1,152 liters in the cargo bucket and 49 liters in the tank.
Marcelo Tezoto, director of GM Direct Sales, says: “In the case of Montana, the largest customers are small traders. Small traders of 45% and service providers of 25%. New Chevrolet Montana 2020 Model, to transport light loads in urban perimeter with agility and low cost”.

New Chevrolet Montana 2020 Model Is Old-fashioned

With its old-fashioned design, the New Chevrolet did not bring anything new. It equipped with standard power steering, air conditioning, power windows and locks, audio system, parking sensor, autopilot, marine roof, dual airbag, among others.

Launched in 2010, the current New Chevrolet Model not derived from the previous. The previous version was more modern. New Chevrolet nationalized on the platform of the Opel Corsa, Corsa B of the 1990s. It simplified by the Celta. With Global Family Vehicle, which uses GM’s VSS-F compact base, a successor is on the horizon. It may be in the same category as a light truck.

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