Mercedes-AMG Will Be Launched GT C Roadster Model In 2018

Mercedes-AMG Will Be Launched GT C Roadster Model In 2018

There is a ferociousness furtive among the 2017 Mercedes and AMG GT C, a fierceness to the mode it accelerates that sets it apart from its lesser, suffix-free GT sibling. Both have a 4.0-liter, handcrafted turbocharged V8 engine, however the differences in power and character are palpable. One car is fast; the other, well, vicious.

The thing is, and maybe this is quite literally the beauty of the GT C, that it does not look particularly vicious. Certainly not as the GT C Roadster slathered in $9,900 designo Solarbeam Yellow paint. It is a pretty car that is lust worthy enough to earn buckets of customers based on its appearance alone, however like Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina, there is a tremendous machine disguised by all that hotness.

Hotness that’s maintained despite a few functional tweaks made to enhance its aerodynamics and handling prowess relative the GT and the coupe-only GT S that resides in the lineup between them. the foremost obvious variations are at the rear, wherever a horizontal vent slices below the trunk lid, expelling air that is been shunted up from below to reinforce the down force already created by the roadster’s speed-activated pop-up spoiler.

Additional vertical exists simply aft of the widened fenders – 2.25 inches over the GT and GT S – serve as aerodynamic elements and visual endowments to create the tail end look a tad additional bootylicious.

GT C Roadster Features

Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster On Road Will Be In 2018

Other things common with the GT R include its active rear-wheel steering, the lighter lithium-ion battery, a Race driving mode, and the AMG Dynamic plus package that includes dynamic engine and transmission mounts, increased front-wheel negative camber and a redline that increases from 6,000 to 6,500 rpm. The GT C lacks the nine-setting traction control, various carbon-fiber components, manually adjustable coil-over suspension, and spectacularly amazing green Hell Magno paint option, however it still presents a heightened driving experience more comparable to the GT R than to the lower 2 GTs.

Really, think about the C as the more road-friendly version of the R. So there would definitely be no complains from this table if AMG let you order the GT suspension with the GT C’s engine, that packs 550 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torsion. That compares respectively to 469 and 465 for the GT, 515 and 494 for the GT S, and 577 and 516 for the GT R. this is where that viciousness comes in, and not during a non-linear, jacking-up-the-boost type of turbocharged method.

It’s an ubiquitous ferocity; an engine that is impressively responsive throughout its rev range and perfectly natural in its ability to pin you into the hard AMG Performance seats. Moreover to the extra power, the GT C’s otherwise shared seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission gets revised gearing – first gear has a higher ratio, seventh features a lower one. As always, this transmission could be a gem when in Sport+ or the Race mode exclusive to the C and R.

GT C Roadster Performance

Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster On Road Will Be In 2018

It expertly knows once it’s appropriate to downshift once braking exhausting into a corner, and as a result you finish up using the paddle shifters because it’s fun, not because it is necessary. Meanwhile, the transmission’s behavior in Comfort mode is just as buttery smooth as that of a traditional automatic. Whether the top is raised or lowered, however, the GT lives up to its grand touring name.

There’s more interior space than in the old SLS or the jaguar F-Type, a sports car that is perhaps nearest to the GT in overall concept, if not execution. Although adjoining  on immovable, the AMG Performance sport seats, complete with adjustable side and bottom bolsters, ne’er stopped being supportive despite more than three hundred miles of driving and a driver with a questionable back.

There is even a helpful pair of cupholders, a half-decent glove box, and a trunk capable of storage a pair of sizable weekend bags. As such, forget the highway. arriving in dealers this fall, the GT C is actually one of today’s special cars, possessing the increasingly rare combination of genuine automotive beauty and world-class, occasionally vicious performance. you’ll want to drive it, you’ll want to look it, you’ll want to hear it.

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