Kia Optima SW PHEV A Plug-In hybrid Electric Car

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There are still those who twist their noses at these hybrids modernizes and even more so at those who have the ability to charge the batteries externally and authorize commutes over 50 kilometers in full electric mode. But what most shocks most is that these models have gasoline engines and that … this is a crime for some! Not knowing that cars like this Kia Optima SW PHEV only consume 3 l / 100 km of gasoline and offer ample tax advantages.

The future is just around the corner and in the case of the automotive industry, the corners are many, and every day there is a new future such as the speed with which technology develops and matures. Hybrids, for some time sort of “alien” market, have already been hit by plug-in technology. A Plug-In hybrid vehicle is defined as being quiet, comfortable, environmentally friendly and very economical in a city environment, by the preferential use of electric energy. That is, you can ask for a diesel version in a city or in an extra-urban environment without any exaggeration in terms of driving.

But even more important – and perhaps not yet aware of it – tax benefits are many, mitigating the fact that VAT cannot be deducted from gasoline in company accounts. Let’s count!

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The Kia Optima SW PHEV fits into the tax benefits offered by the state for this type of vehicle. In particular, the total deduction of VAT and reduction of 75% of the ISV (since the autonomy is higher than the 25 km required by law) and reduction of Autonomous Taxation. The price, with an equipment of complete series, is 50,057 dollars. With a base price of 43,043 dollars, you can reduce the total amount of VAT, hence a saving of 7,014 dollars. As it only pays 1,242 dollars of ISV (Tax on vehicles), this Kia Optima SW PHEV stands at 44,286 dollars. It falls, therefore, in the maximum level of Autonomous Taxation, which is 35%. In a diesel car, you would pay 12,251 dollars in this tax, with the Optima SW PHEV will be for 6,125 dollars (rate of 17.5%). That is, compared to a diesel model, immediately saves about 14 thousand dollars. I think it gives a lot of gas,

But even more interesting is that if you run at speeds up to 120 km / h, the battery charge lasts about 60 kilometers. That is, it is perfectly possible to make the connection home to the office always in electric mode, charge the battery in the garage (if the office is more than 30 km from home) and return home while maintaining the electric mode. That is, does not spend strictly anything, except the electric recharge that stands for less than 1.5 dollars. Quite, is not it?

This Kia Optima PHEV reaches a segment where the psychological barriers of the users are still very resistant dykes, reason why it is not yet very populated and in fact, the only rivals are the Mercedes C350e Station and the VW Passat GTE Variant, being able the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV arise as an opponent away from this fight. The Kia has the advantage of offering a 7-year warranty, far above that offered by the rivals, and being cheaper and with a huge advantage in the equipment.

To power this hybrid version of the Optima, Kia chose the 2.0-liter gasoline block with direct injection to charge 156 hp and 189 Nm of torque. Coupled are a six-speed automatic gearbox and the permanent magnet synchronous motor that delivers 68 hp and 205 Nm of torque. As it is housed in the transmission, the electric motor allows the abolition of the torque converter. Accounts made, the motorization of the Optima SW PHEV offers 205 hp and 375 Nm of torque. The system is powered by a 55-liter fuel tank and an 11.26 kWh lithium-ion battery that weighs about 120 kilograms and is housed beneath the luggage compartment.


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We can say that Kia did a great job with this Optima SW PHEV. Designed clearly to promote well-being on board, the interior is well designed, built with semi-premium quality even though here and there some materials are of lesser value. The truth is that this Kia is a refined, quiet and very comfortable car. Add to this a generous living space and a luggage compartment, slightly affected by the batteries but offering 440 liters of capacity, extendable to 1574 liters with the folding (40:20:40) of the seat.

With a smooth transition between the hybrid and electric modes (and vice versa), the Optima PHEV bets everything in serenity and comfort. The silence on board is incredible and the softness of all the commands is noteworthy. The silence on board is so great that one notices perfectly the whirlwind of wind around the exterior mirrors when we turn above 120 km / h. Nothing fundamentally annoying and that Harmann Kardon’s sound system is not able to stifle. A little more sound and the conversation is not reached as we continue to speak with a perfectly normal voice level.

I once wrote in the Plug-In hybrid model essay that this new generation of models would change the way we drive, leading to slower rhythms and less emphasis on curvy vehicle behavior. This is because boarding a vehicle with about 200 pounds of batteries is easier to write than to do. So it’s not surprising that you end up intruding on behavior.

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If it is true that the Optima SW continues to have a lot of grip on the front axle and the chassis remains balanced, the suspensions tuned to make the car more comfortable and the weight of the batteries unite to make the more sudden changes of direction more delicate. Just have some attention, nothing more than that, so that everything passes without difficulties. In some more degraded areas, the suspension makes the body shake a little, but nothing of concern or that interferes with the behavior of the car.

Of course, after a trip of three or more hours, we forget all this and we give thanks to the chassis and suspensions that Kia has put in the Optima PHEV because the fatigue is reduced.

As far as safety is concerned, there is no shortage of this Optima SW PHEV: advanced cruise control with automatic speed control via radar (ASCC), autonomous emergency braking (AEB), lane support assist system (LKAS), (HBA) and speed limit information (SLIF). Besides these, it still finds the identification of traffic signs and pedestrians and the automatic control of the maximums.

Incidentally, I must say that the equipment is hyper complete, there being only a couple of options that are the metallic paint and the panoramic roof.


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Yes, I know … it’s hard to abandon old habits and stop at the pump and pick up the gasoline hose. It costs you to pay more each visit to the petrol station, thinking that you are spending more. It is not, although if it is a person who makes a lot of highways, probably the Kia Optima SW PHEV does not serve to him, therefore the consumption rises there, particularly if it is an abuser of the pedal of the right side. However, go back and see the numerous tax advantages and city consumption that rarely exceed 2.9 l / 100 km. Think about the possibility of making the connection home/work and vice versa always in electric mode, if you have where to load the car or if the connection is less than 30 kilometers for each side. Think about the savings we mentioned above when buying this Optima PHEV and think about what you save against the Mercedes C350e Station (€ 55,350) and the VW Passat GTE Variant (€ 50,542), with a much more complete equipment and with 7 years of guarantee! True that Volkswagen and Mercedes have more quality and better image, but are much more expensive. So this Kia Optima SW PHEV is an excellent choice!

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