Introducing The First Of Four Audi A4s Coming Soon

Introducing The First Of Four Audi A4s Coming Soon

Yes, what you read that right, this is the first of a four of A4s we’ll be watching over the course of the year. We’re kicking things off with an Audi A4 Premium Plus Sedan, and we’ll be looking at other iterations of the A4 line later on: the A4 Platinum, Allroad and S4.

What we hope to do is give you with an full examination of each variation, and probably give you some guidance on what is worthwhile and what is not. But first, let’s introduce you to the A4 Premium Plus.

Audi A4 Premium Plus – Features

Introducing The First Of Four Audi A4s Coming Soon

The Audi A4 Premium plus is that the middle kid of the standard A4 line, fitting between the entry-level Premium and the top level status. Stepping up to the Audi A4 Premium plus adds 18-inch alloy wheels, led headlights, an S Line body kit, Bang & Olufsen sound system, parking sensors, aluminium window trim, and heated power seats with memory.

The model we received from Audi features a number of upgrades that bring it quite close to the prestige trim level. Most notable is the technology package, that adds the Audi Virtual Cockpit instrument panel, that replaces the physical gauges with a big LCD screen. It also comes with rear cross traffic alert.

A First Edition package was added, too, that adds cooled sport seats, a three-spoke steering wheel, and unique wheels and aluminium interior trim. Our favourite part, is the sport package, that adds sportier suspension, a black headliner, and the aforesaid sport seats.

Audi A4 Premium Plus – Cost Packages

Introducing The First Of Four Audi A4s Coming Soon

Really, we did not skip much here – this particular Audi A4 Premium Plus is pretty loaded. The only packages not enclosed were the cold weather package, which includes heated rear seats and steering wheel, and wheel and tire options. The heated handwheel is not necessary since winter is nearly over.

The cost of those packages added up quick, too. Moving up to the Premium Plus trim over the standard Premium added $3,800. The Technology package was $3,250, the 1st Edition package was $1,100, and the Sport package tacked on $750. Along side the white paint at $575, our Audi has over $9,000 in choices. That fetched our tester up to $49,825 from a base MSRP of $40,350.

We like everything that is been added. If we were to select packages we could live without, though, we’d probably pick the Technology and the first Edition packages. As slick as the LCD instrument panel is, there is nothing wrong with physical needles and dials. The silver and black wheels with the first Edition package look sharp, too, however do not justify the $1,100 price tag, and the Sport seats already come with the sport package, albeit without the cooling ventilation.

Audi A4 Premium Plus – Performance

Introducing The First Of Four Audi A4s Coming Soon

The A4 could be a model line with quite little bit of variety, being offered as a sedan, wagon, and high-performance machine. Driving them back-to-back can help us tell you whether or not the S4 provides enough of a performance increase to advantage its $16,000 worth premium.

We’ll be able to tell you if the Allroad’s wagon package truly is the better option, and whether or not its increased  ride height is useful or harmful to the way it drives. Basically, we hope to be able to notice the ideal version of the A4, and relay our findings to you.

We’ll have this A4 Premium Plus for 3 months, and we have some opinions about it that you will see in the coming weeks. Editor-in-Chief mike Austin has already shared some his thoughts about the car on our modcast. However keep tuned, because there is more coming.

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