Fiat Toro S-design 2020 Anticipates Launch From $ 114,990

Fiat Toro S-design 2020 Anticipates Launch From R $ 114,990 - eBuddy News

Fiat Toro S-design 2020 inspired by the Italian concept of the same name.  It is now part of the 2020 line of the FCA average pickup truck in Brazil. Based on the Freedom version and with Flex or Diesel options (R $ 145,990), it comes with prices starting at R $ 114,990, plus nine external color options.

Focused on a “dynamic and sporting public”, the Fiat Toro S-Design brings a series of differentials.  Fiat Toro S-Design is much more aggressive and exclusive. The pickup comes with satin and black stirrups, plus gray details on the mirrors, door handles, front grille and other body parts.

Color Variants in Fiat Toro S-Design 2020

The updated, Fiat Toro S-Design 2020 line can be purchased in the many colors. The color variants are of Silver Billet, Deep Brown, Jazz Blue, White, Polar White, Colorado Red, Carbon Black, Antique Gray, and Tribal Red. The logo of the brand and product darkened.

The same occurs in the interior, with black roof and columns. This as well as seams of the same color on the steering wheel and doors. Fiat Toro S-Design seats have gained new exclusive patterning. All these are part of the Mopar Custom Shop package, which introduces these and other items for $ 5,000.

This Package Differentiated Finishes Include

  • Multimedia,
  • Dark Wheels, Rear And Center Armrest With Cupholders,
  • Adhesive Strips On The Hood And Back,
  • Leather-lined Seats And
  • Fabric And Sewn Leather On The Doors

Nothing Changed in Mechanics

The Fiat Toro S-Design Flex has an Etor’s 1.8 Etor engine. The engine of 135 horsepower in gasoline or 139 horsepower in ethanol, plus up to 19.3 kgfm of torque. This option comes with Aisin’s six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

In diesel, the engine is the Multijet II 2.0 with 170 horsepower and 35.7 kgfm. It comes with a nine-speed ZF gearshift and four-wheel drive. The Fiat Toro 2020 line starts from R $ 92,990.

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