Either It Is New Car Or Used Choose a Right Car To Buy

Either It Is New Car Or Used Choose a Right Car To Buy ebuddynews

The new car market is rekindling. You should already be doing your bills and seeing your needs for the purchase of your new car. But, within this concept, there is a great universe of possibilities and you can do well by doing a good deal. As? Most of the time, when going to a dealership to buy the new car, the used yard in that same resale may be the best deal of your life. And there are plenty of good deals: new cars with low mileage, a single and careful owner, one to three years of use, revised and guaranteed by the dealership. True bargains that, even, are already licensed, issued and with taxes paid. And what’s even better: you find bigger and better cars than the zero-kilometer you intended to buy. Depreciated because they are no longer new and ready to roll. Want more cakewalk?

Let’s look at some examples? You enter into a Volkswagen resale. He had already decided to buy the Voyage. It has chosen a very complete version, the Highline with automated gearbox (I-Motion), a 104 hp 1.6 engine, power steering, air conditioning, multimedia center, windows, mirrors and electric locks and other pampering. This dream car costs about R $ 68 thousand. In the yard of this same dealership, you find an excellent Jetta 2014, also in the Highline version (completinho). The car with about 30 thousand kilometers, dual-clutch automatic gearbox with six gears, 200 hp 2.0 engine, two-zone air conditioning, sunroof, heated leather seats, multimedia center, 2.65 m (between axles the Voyage is 2.46 m) which, in practice, means a lot more internal space for you and your family. In addition to offering a much safer structure than the Voyage, it comes equipped with six airbags and stability and traction controls (not available on Voyage). Opting for the used Jetta, you leave the dealership with a chariot rather than the modest Voyage. All this for the same R $ 68 thousand. A great choice.

Either It Is New Car Or Used Choose a Right Car To Buy ebuddynews

If you are a fan of Fiat and are interested in a Sporting Uno 0 km, know that for the price of this Uno, there are much more interesting cars of the same brand. Even considering that the Sporting Uno has a 1.3-liter engine of 109cv, air conditioning, power steering, electric trio, manual 5-speed gearbox. This sports one costs about R $ 58 thousand. If you take a ride in the used yard of the dealership, with luck you will find the beautiful Punto T-Jet 2016, this is a real sports car. Equipped with the 1.4 Turbo engine of 152cv. A car that, even by its size, draws attention wherever it passes. The price of this jewel? Practically the same as Uno Sporting: R $ 58 thousand.

For those who prefer to buy a Chevrolet 0 km and need the trunk of a small sedan, end up opting for the Prisma. For your comfort and your family, choose the six-speed LTZ automatic version with 106 hp 1.4 engine. This prism has air conditioning, electric trio, and direction, multimedia center, OnStar, among others. A bacaninha car that costs about R $ 65 thousand. Before closing, taking a look at the used yard of the resale, you are faced with a beautiful Cruze LTZ 2015, a single and careful owner and it is in excellent condition. This car, a six-speed automatic and the good 144 Ecv 1.8 Ecotec engine, is the top of the Cruze. A refined car with leather-lined seats, digital air-conditioning, six airbags (the Prisma only features the two front), traction and stability controls, mirrors with electric folding and a structure much more robust in case of accidents. A bigger car, more comfortable and safer for the same price: about R $ 65 thousand. Of course, the logic tells you to buy Cruze, making a much more interesting business for you and your family.

Either It Is New Car Or Used Choose a Right Car To Buy ebuddynews

There is also that consumer who likes the Ford brand. When it comes to buying a new car, he opted for a Ka + as he needs the trunk to accommodate his family. In the resale of the brand, makes the option for the version SEL 1.5, with an engine of 110cv and manual gear of five gears. This Ford sedan comes equipped with steering, power windows and locks, air conditioning, alloy wheels, and so on. The Ka + with this configuration ends up coming for around R $ 61 thousand. Looking in the yard of the dealership, here we find a Focus Hatch Titanium 2014, equipped with a 2.0 16v engine of 178cv and automatic six-speed gearbox. Top of the line range of the Focus range, this car has six airbags, stability, and traction controls, leather seats, two-zone digital air conditioning, multi-media center with a rear camera, more impact resistant structure (the Ka received zero score in the crash-test recently), among other items. Despite the fact that the Focus trunk is smaller than that of the Ka Sedan (316 versus the 445-liter Ka Sedan), believe that the Focus’s tailgate meets the needs of a middle-class family with the sporty air of design of a hatch when compared to a sedan. A more funky car.

Either It Is New Car Or Used Choose a Right Car To Buy ebuddynews

Who likes Renault and enjoys the proposal of an urban adventurer of Sandero Stepway, goes to a resale to realize his purchase. Equipped with the 1.6 16v 118 hp engine and five-speed manual gearbox, this Stepway has air-conditioning, electro-hydraulic steering, electric trio, multimedia center and props for an adventurous air. Without options, it sells for about R $ 62 thousand. Looking at used resale, you will find a Duster 2016 in the Dynamique version (top of the line) with just over 15 thousand miles, equipped with the 2.0 engine 148cv and automatic transmission. This Duster is still sold with factory warranty, for about R $ 59 thousand. In that case, you have the opportunity to buy a real off-road instead of a pseudo-adventure. And for a lower price. In addition to you carry automatic gearbox and seat covers in leather, it still features larger internal space, more generous trunk, more powerful engine, and still works best on light tracks. You pay less and get more.

But if you are one of those who makes a point of the car with plastics in the seats, smelling again and being the first owner, there is no way: You will have to sour the price of a zero-kilometer car. Now, if you are one of those who makes a point of driving good cars and paying attractive prices for them, search, search and research. The market has wonderful car deals that are true dreams and can be bought for prices that we can afford. Just look. And good luck!

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