BMW Introducing New BMW M3 CS 2018 Model

BMW Introducing New BMW M3 CS 2018 Model ebuddynews

The announcement of the BMW M3 CS 2018 was an open secret. It is a limited edition of 1,200 units that will begin production in March next year and that bears great similarities with the BMW M4 CS we already know.

This sport saloon is an evolution of the normal M3 taken to the extreme in some aspects. It has 460 CV, 10 CV more than an M3 with the Competition Package, the maximum torque has increased by 50 Nm to 600 Nm and its figures are spectacular.

Specific aesthetics for the CS

Aesthetically you have to sharpen the view to differentiate the M3 CS from a normal one since it is the Gurney spoiler, located in the lid of the trunk, the most striking element of this version, but not the only one.

There is also an extra element in the front apron and slightly changes the rear diffuser to improve the aerodynamic support of the set. All this is made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, like the roof and the front bonnet.

The wheels of design DTM in Orbit Gray mate are specific for this limited edition, have a more aggressive design than those of the M3 of series and suppose a saving of weight with regard to these. They are still 19 inches in the front axle and 20 inches in the rear.

BMW Introducing New BMW M3 CS 2018 Model ebuddynews

Inside the house the team of brakes carbon-ceramic that is part of the standard equipment of this model, with four-piston calipers front and two pistons behind.

These, in addition to improving the performance when wheels in the circuit, also suppose a saving of weight in a group that manages to reduce the total figure in 50 kilos with respect to an M3 of series.

Details inside

Inside the BMW M3 CS we find basically the same as in a normal M3 because compared to the usual in other limited editions of this type, this has not been chosen to suppress or dispense with any element that may need the driver or the passengers.

So it still has four seats, identical to the M3 standard seats and the most striking is perhaps the combination of two-tone full leather in Silverstone / Schwarz and Alcantara, creating an interior of elegant and sporty appearance at the same time.

BMW Introducing New BMW M3 CS 2018 Model ebuddynews

In the molding that runs along the dashboard, we do find a specific detail, the Alcantara pierced with the inscription CS, just as at the time the BMW M4 GTS incorporated it.

The equipment is very complete since it has dual-zone climate control, a Harman Kardon sound system and the Professional browser.

Technical characteristics

The engine is the same six-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo line that rides the normal models but taken a step further to deliver that power and extra torque that will make it faster against the clock.

Now it develops 460 CV and 600 Nm of torque, with which the benefits improve. Accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds and the top speed is electronically limited to 280 km / h.

BMW Introducing New BMW M3 CS 2018 Model ebuddynews

It will only be available with the M-twin-clutch M (M DCT) seven-speed gearbox, and unfortunately, it will not be possible to choose the six-speed manual that in the days that drivers like to enjoy.

The sports exhaust system is also part of the standard equipment of this version. It offers a sportier sound and is adorned with the M logo on the exhaust tails, four as tradition dictates in BMW M GmbH.

If you like the BMW M3 CS 2018, do not run. The orders will open in January 2018, production limited to 1,200 units will begin in March and the price that will be in Spain is still unknown.

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