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Best Place To Advertise Cars ebuddynews

The steady increase in the price of new cars has had a direct effect on sales of new and used models. Those who still can not get away with a zero km car from a dealership, and also those who do not want to do so, certainly look fondly for this other group of vehicles.

According to data from the National Federation of Automotive Vehicle Distribution ( Fenabrave ), in February of that year, 741,381 units were sold, between vehicles and light commercial vehicles, only between new and used models. In the accumulated of 2018 already are 1,611,061 units (4.82% more than in 2017, in the same period).

All this shows a heated market, with good opportunities, if you are thinking of getting your vehicle up for sale. But here are some important questions, if you choose to do it in a particular way. What is the best method to advertise cars? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? And how to make a flashy advertisement, regardless of the shape chosen?

Advertise in own car

As we said earlier in the NA, selling the car privately may take a little longer, but it guarantees a higher price than delivering it to a multi-brand store or dealership. And one of the oldest and most used methods to do this is by putting a plaque or sticker on the vehicle itself.

This type of ad allows you to enjoy normal day-to-day use to advertise it to potential advertisers. For those who make a lot of money can be a good option, especially if it is allied to another type of advertisement (in a newspaper or online). Convince us, selling your car just by putting a sticker on the glass is more difficult as it greatly limits the number of people who will look and be interested.

If you choose this form of advertisement, it is important to choose the sticker’s position well (putting it on the rear window allows someone to take more time to read the information) and what you are going to say there.

Because there is not much room for it, it is important to focus on the information that matters, such as year and model and your contact. Also, you can add “single owner,” “complete” or abbreviated details such as AR or AC (air conditioning), DH (hydraulic steering), TRV or TE (electric lock), among others.

Price: between $ 5 and $ 20 (plus shipping) on most sites that offer this service.

Advertise Cars in the classified section of the newspaper

Best Place To Advertise Cars ebuddynews

Another very convenient way to advertise your car is through the classified section of a newspaper, be it specifically for automobiles or not. This form has become popular in the past for its cost-effectiveness compared to other media such as radio and TV.

Of course, the internet has put such media as a secondary option. Limit on ad text size, high value for adding photos and restricted circulation certainly contributed to this, especially when we compare these points with what online ads can offer.

But if in your city or region the classified section of the newspaper still represents something, this may be a good option. Just like the ad stuck in the car itself, the characters available to talk about your car on a newspaper page are limited. So again, you need to focus on what matters, perhaps quoting the serial or accessory items installed, the mileage and the state of repair, and so on, in addition to the obvious items (cited above).

One advantage we have today when announcing a car in this way is that most newspapers have a website, and you can choose to place the ad in both media. Doing this will allow us to add something very important, which are the photos of the vehicle (we’ll talk a little more about them below).

Price: Based on the newspaper with the largest circulation in the country, the price of vehicle ads ranges from $ 40 to $ 60 per week.

Advertise cars on the internet

This is the cheapest and most comprehensive ad type, making it the best choice. But you certainly already knew that. What strikes you is how much people prefer classified sites. According to a survey by the Free Market Classifieds, 96% of those who think of buying a vehicle resort to the internet for this.

Advertise cars in this way, you have numerous options (several of them at no cost), reach people from all over the country (or from several countries) and still manage to add much more information and photos of your vehicle, which certainly increases considerably. Chances of selling it. But how to make an ad that stands out among so many others?

Since you can talk more, do this. Do not be in a hurry to describe all the features of your vehicle, and do it with extra attention. It is very common to find incorrect ads. Search for the most expensive car for sale on WebMotors, for example, and you’ll understand what we’re talking about (hint: it’s a Nissan Frontier 2012 being sold for $ 1 billion). Other errors include not reporting the mileage (or missing the value), hiding important data about the state of conservation or not informing your contact.

The photos are a chapter apart as they are a key piece in a good ad. Take time to do it calmly, in a well-lit environment (natural light is always better). Do not forget to show all the important details (photos of the front, rear, side, and interior are a must), but do this after a good cleaning of the vehicle.

Price: Among the many online classified sites, there are those that allow free ads (sometimes limited to 1 ad per registration) and paid ads (with values ranging up to $ 120, up to sell).

Advertise cars on social networks and online auction

Best Place To Advertise Cars ebuddynews

In addition to the types of ads cited above, there are other ways to advertise your car that are gaining more fans in recent years:

SOCIAL NETWORKS: One of them is to advertise cars on social networks, like Facebook. Although it is not a classified site, it can fulfill exactly that function because there are several selling groups that attract more and more people. Also, if you plan to advertise your vehicle for a specific group (in the case of a collector’s model, for example), this may be a good option. Also, of course, there is the possibility of simply posting the ad on your personal page.

ONLINE AUCTION:  If your goal is to sell faster but not so below the table as it does at the stores and dealerships, online auction sites can help. It works like this: these sites have hundreds or even thousands of registered customers (shops and dealers) who may be interested in your car. For this, you enter the site and make an online quote. If the values are interesting, you take the car to the company or mark a scheduled visit so that your car is evaluated in detail. It is then offered to the site’s customers, and whoever offers the best price leads. The advantage is that you get the money on time and the sale usually takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

FEIRÃO:  The sale through a fair can occur in two ways. The first involves selling the vehicle to a store that participates in the stores, but that eliminates much of what you can earn. The other, more advantageous, is to make the sale on your own (if you have some vocation as a seller, better yet), which requires the same care of a private sale by another means mentioned above. The cost of this option ranges from about $ 90 to $ 140, depending on the position your car will be.

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