5 Main Car Not Starting Reasons You Should Look For

5 Main Car Not Starting Reasons You Should Look For - ebuddynews

The car does not turn on, what can it be? Few situations are more boring than this: leaving home, worried about leaving the children in school and arriving on time at work, when entering your car and try to turn the key, suddenly the vehicle will not turn on. Every driver must have gone through a situation like this at least once in his life. Suddenly comes that moment of despair and worry: what could be the main car not starting reasons?

The first challenge will be to identify the problem and analyze what has happened to find out why the car does not start. Of course, it’s always easier to call a mechanic to find the problem, which these professionals often find easily.

The car not starting reasons can still be complex because there are several factors that can affect the operation of the car.

But do not get desperate, we have some tips that can help you find the problem yourself. We talked to a mechanic with more than 20 years of experience who gave us valuable information that will help you.

The first valuable tip to know what the problem is because the car does not start is to know that the engine needs three “ingredients” to work:

  • Air
  • Fuel
  • Spark

If the motor is not wanting to connect, the reason is given to one of these elements that are not reaching the motor. Or it’s coming, but not enough.

To help you in these situations where the car does not start suddenly, we list below the main causes that make the engine of your vehicle not power on.

With these tips, it will be easier to identify and solve the problem, in addition, of course, with some tricks to help you and not despair at this time.

Main Car Not Starting Reasons:

1. Battery Discharged

5 Main Car Not Starting Reasons You Should Look For - ebuddynews

Did not the car turn on, did not even give any signal of available electricity? The car dashboard does not turn on, does the radio not work? The first thing to do is analyze the battery.

In the event of turning the key and not turning on the headlights, dashboard or even if the windshield vanes are weakened, the diagnosis is relatively easy, it may be the battery.

The component itself may signal that it is time to make the switch. When the intensity of the illumination, the other devices depending on the energy, or even when it is difficult to start the vehicle, oscillate.

There are still other factors caused by the driver himself that can generate the total discharge of the battery, they are:

Failure to start the car that has been disconnected for a long time, and most common: forget some light on, in addition to there are failures in the alternator, which is a part responsible for supplying the electrical system and charging the battery itself when the car is on.

In that case, in the first place, you can opt for the famous “pacifier”, which is connecting cables in the battery of another car and starting, to have enough power until you arrive in a workshop.

If it still does not work, unfortunately, it will be necessary to use a winch service.

If you happen to have insurance, you will be able to solve it more easily. Please contact your insurer. The employee can analyze the conditions of the battery, try to recharge it and even change it with a new one.

2. Lack Of Fuel Or Problem In Fuel Pump/Filter

5 Main Car Not Starting Reasons You Should Look For - ebuddynews

One must always keep an eye on the fuel. Many “pranks” can happen. Some drivers end up suffering from lack of gasoline/ ethanol/diesel by forgetting or due to meter defects in the dashboard.

You yourself can check to check since the last time you went to the post, keeping an eye on consumption if it is really time to stock. If you notice that the fuel is leaving very fast, seek a mechanic so that he can check for leaks.

It is also capable of failure to be in the pump or in the fuel filter. The pump is composed of three segments: the electric, the transmission, and the filter. Each one should be analyzed when the car does not start.

At the electrical outlet, make sure the cables are securely connected. On the transmission side, perform a check to see if it contains enough pressure to send the fuel to the valves. Make sure that the filter needs to be replaced as well.

It is recommended to always change the fuel filter every 10 to 20 thousand km. Remember that all these analyzes should be performed by a specialist in the field. Never do it alone.

3. Vehicle Key Problem

5 Main Car Not Starting Reasons You Should Look For - ebuddynews

This is another event that we often do not even expect. Identifying an adversity in the vehicle key turns out to be rather easy compared to the other situations shared here.

If you can not fully rotate it, there is probably some problem reading it. The complication may be in the ignition reader or in the key itself.

First of all, take tests, first take the spare key. In case the car connects with it, there is a strong indication that there are flaws in the main key or the reader. It is worth checking a professional to confirm the real reason.

Another way to solve the problem is because the programming of the key, common setback to happen. To do this, consult the information in the vehicle’s manual or contact the automaker’s customer service.

Electronic keys, which are only present, can also cause problems.

4. Ignition System Problem (Spark Plugs Or Coil)

5 Main Car Not Starting Reasons You Should Look For - ebuddynews

After having verified all the tips that we pass here in this article and, the car still does not connect, in this situation one the great car not starting reasons may be in the engine.

When going through times when there is difficulty in starting the car, constant loss of power, failures in acceleration times and super high fuel consumption are some of the signs that indicate that it is time to check what is going on with the system of ignition.

The main defect or car not starting reasons can be in the candle itself, among the most common causes in the equipment are:

  • excessive wear; be sure to make periodic maintenance, without this caution the car may take time to turn on and have difficulty in acceleration.
  • Another enemy is the use of poor fuel;
  • Corrosion of the electrodes.

Black and dry soot; generates a penetration into the electrodes and the head of the candles making a cover causing several problems such as delayed ignition spark, carburetor or injection are deregulated, dirty air filter, among other negative events.

Furthermore, there is another risk of overheating of the spark plugs, the melting of the electrode due to the high temperature, can cause multiple situations like the defect in the own valves, dirt in the combustion chamber, use of the candles in high temperatures and point ignition.

We emphasize that all these problems presented here are the most common when the car does not start, however, there are other issues that can influence, so it is always recommended to be aware of every detail of the car and pay attention to periodic maintenance.

5. Fuel Change In Flex Car

5 Main Car Not Starting Reasons You Should Look For - ebuddynews

Something that can happen too. If starting the engine turns, but the car does not pick up, and the car is Flex, this may also be caused by the recent change in used fuel.

If the person used gasoline, for example, for an extended period, they just refilled the car with alcohol, and soon after the car turned off, this can also cause problems in the game.

Change in fuel is one of the car not starting reasons. It’s a sign that the Flex system has not yet recognized the different fuel, and is still calibrated to what was being used previously.


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