According To Talking Tech Podcast, Sony Is To Buy Game Studio Bungie

According To Talking Tech Podcast, Sony Is To Buy Game Studio Bungie - ebuddynews

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Context Of Podcast is…

Brett Molina greets the listeners and says ‘Hello,’ telling them her name. She welcomes back to ‘Talking Tech.’ Who is ready to talk about Mall World? She is kidding. They are not going to talk about that game. She feels like that is all she talks about it. However, they will stick with gaming as the theme. It turns out that Microsoft is not the only video game giant spending big bucks obtaining ‘video game’ properties and studios. Sony makes the PlayStation 5 and has had a long history in the ‘console business’ with its PlayStation platform. However, Sony declared a deal to buy ‘video game studio Bungie’ for $3.6 billion.

She wrote about this in a story on Bungie that creates the Destiny online action series. It has been very popular. It is an online first-person shooter and has attracted a lot of followers. Bungie also created ‘Halo,’ which happens to be the franchise that helped launch the Xbox and offered Microsoft a spot alongside Sony as one of the top console makers on the market to buy. That is an impressive twist of fate there.

Of course, when it comes to users, the first thing that comes to mind is what does that mean for her when She play her game on another device? So Destiny is available on Play-Station and ‘Xbox.’ You can play it on PC and Google Stadia as well. Bungie announced a statement that says that the game will remain on its current platforms. It is the direct quote from Bungie that they will continue to publish and creatively develop their games independently. Therefore, if they get the deal approved to buy, Sony is a big deal and also we know Bungie is a fantastic studio. It would give the PlayStation 5 a huge boost. And again, we will most likely see Destiny as it is available now on all platforms.

The Story Continues

Many people wonder, with Microsoft announcing plans to acquire ‘Activision Blizzard.’ It creates franchises like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft in a deal worth $68.7 billion. And again, the same thing, PlayStation owners were initially worried that ‘Call of Duty would disappear. I won’t play it any longer. Again, she assumes a lot of the Call of Duty games we’re seeing right now will stick around. Once done with this deal, anything in the future is possible. We only see it on Xbox. We see it on PC with certain incentives to play it on Xbox or PC instead of PlayStation.

However, the other interesting angle to all this is a major consolidation in the video game space. We saw Take-Two Interactive from Zynga, the creator of FarmVille, for $12.7 billion, which is again interesting because you took the guys that make Grand Theft Auto. And then it paired them with the studio that makes FarmVille, so that’s fun. We also had to deal with Electronic Arts recently. They bought ‘Codemasters,’ a studio that develops popular racing games. And again, these are just the first signs of what we’re seeing, a growing consolidation within the video game space. It is attracting a lot of money, and there are thoughts that this could continue. So this could be just the beginning. We may see more offers like this. Where this is going, we don’t know.

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